You know when you look out your window and you see a Lamborghini Gallardo sitting ever so splendidly in your garage? Then out of sheer genius or lunacy, you decide that it’s not spectacular enough, so you go out and get it wrapped with Cam Shaft’s new ’Koi Camouflage’ Premium Wrapping.

The end result is this cow-looking Italian supercar that certainly deserves more than getting dressed up in a permanent Halloween costume. Make no mistake, Cam Shaft’s good at what they do; proof of that lies in one of their recent works, the Ferrari 458 Italia.. That being said, for all the things that they’ve done well, what they did with this Lamborghini Gallardo - it’s actually owned by Gemballa big boss Steffen Korbach, who ran it at last year’s Gumball 3000 - certainly falls by the way of acquired tastes.

Some people will like it while others will cringe at the sight of it. We sit with the latter. The only redeeming quality about this wrap is that it’s covering a Lamborghini Gallardo, one of the few cars that can pretty much carry whatever dress-up you give it.

Hopefully rationale heads prevail and this is the last we see of Cam Shaft’s Koi Camouflage.

  • 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Koi Camouflage by Cam Shaft
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    5.2-liter V10
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    560 horsepower
  • car segment:


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  (397) posted on 01.17.2012

lamborghini is one of the fastest, one of the unique car style, one of the best engine and other parts, and most of all one of the most expensive cars in the market. im so much impressed on its graphic design.

  (541) posted on 11.28.2011

Yeah! I have to agree that it looks so exotic on its exterior design, and it looks more aggressive on that. Anyway, I think it is better if they use a V12 engine instead of V10. smiley

  (714) posted on 11.18.2011

Gallardo looks so exotic on its camouflage graphic design, but it still really looks very attractive and striking on that. However, I am hoping also that it would have an impressive interior feature.

  (600) posted on 11.16.2011

The camouflage design of this Gallardo is truly very attractive on it, but I wonder if is also had an alluring interior? Well, I hope it really had, so it could truly be a complete packaged on it.

  (449) posted on 11.7.2011

Its Koi Camouflage is very catchy about it, even the wheels are so cool, and it only adds more appeal for this one. Well, I can say that I love this one for the fact that it is a Gallardo car that had a powerful engine. smiley

  (474) posted on 11.3.2011

Well, considering that it is a Gallardo, I am expecting it to have a powerful engine specification, for the fact that it is a sports car. Anyway, I also love the looks of this one.

  (762) posted on 11.3.2011

It’s V10 engine that can delivers 560 horsepower is definitely could give a better performance on this awesome looking car. I can say that I was super like the exterior appearance of it, very striking. 

  (459) posted on 11.2.2011

Everyone would surely be captivated by this new facelift of Gallardo! Well, this one was oozing with angst, just like its other model, but I wonder if what will be the interior of this one, will look like.

  (333) posted on 11.2.2011

It will surely love by all car lovers! The camouflage body paint of this one is absolutely so striking on it, but I wonder if what will be the interior of this one will look like. I hope it is striking as well.

  (317) posted on 11.1.2011

Wow! Lamborghini Gallardo is more a great-looking car now than what I’ve expected! smiley The camouflage body paint that it had been is absolutely captivating on it, and I bet many car lovers would surely love it more.

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