What does it take to transform a beautiful piece of intricately designed machinery into a pile of trashy and tacky dog poop? Well, that’s easy, just hire a tuner that has no idea what they are doing and let them put their stamp on your ride. The idea of this may seem absolutely ridiculous to some, but someone apparently thought it was a novel idea when they handed over their Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder to tuning firm, Job Design. The sad part is that we really liked the tuning kit Job Design provided for the 2010 Lexus LS460.

The Lamborghini was painted in blue with black stripes and racing graphics, and that’s the only good part to the design. The aerodynamic package is where it gets a little, we’ll say tricky. There’s a new front bumper and a huge rear wing that simply don’t fit the car’s general look, not to mention the new blue wheels with orange margins and LED light insertions. The model standing next to it it barely smiling so she must know how bad this looks.

We don’t know in which country - or which planet for the matter - something like this actually looks good, but it just looks hideous to us! Are we wrong? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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  (484) posted on 11.28.2011

It looks so aggressive and cool on its simple graphic design and even its LED light seems perfect with it. However, I wonder if what will be its interior will look like?

  (447) posted on 09.20.2011

With the flag design is a sign that the car is a race car like this. The design and the style of the car is great. The color of the lining rims and lining car is red and the body of the car is white. Very good combination of color.

  (676) posted on 04.20.2011

I definitely say this is very clever car, Which is makes you driving crazy,I cant figure out which planet seems to be suited for this concept.

  (553) posted on 03.24.2011

I think its a trend already that everytime the manufacturer comes up with a new model, a Spyder version would automatically follow which is not bad after all.

  (309) posted on 03.17.2011

This one is definitely one of the sportiest Gallardo designs that I have seen in a while. The red accents on the front certainly added to the fierce look of this.

  (460) posted on 03.11.2011

Im not kinda like the concept,its too nasty in style. But i think it would be great if you transform into a simple yet high demands for quality and good features.

  (596) posted on 02.23.2011

it can’t even compete with the Ferrari and Porsche has to offer!

  (368) posted on 02.23.2011

Essentially a soft-top companion to the Gallardo Superleggera, the LP570-4 Spyder Performance shares its 562-horsepower 5.2-liter V10, which can be equipped with Lamborghini’s e-gear semi-automatic or six-speed manual transmission.

  (101) posted on 02.23.2011

Too bad the trend of sexy models turned into a trend of under 45 kg sexy models! Man those women are thin!

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