After teasing the return of the Lamborghini Gallardo Nera a couple of months ago, Underground Racing is back with yet another tuning kit for the Gallardo. It may not be the Nera, but the Lamborghini Gallardo TT will certainly beat many other cars to the punch with its array of engine options and its killer speed.

The new Gallardo TT will be offered in three different engine stages with updates ranging from Stage One’s 650 WHP all the way up to Stage Three’s 1250 WHP on race fuel. If that’s not enough to tantalize your taste buds, Underground Racing has a Race Version Turbo System with a highly modified twin-turbo engine that will increase the output to a total of 1500 WHP on race fuel to make us feel all tingly inside.

The fun is all in the end result, but to get there, Underground Racing added a slew of products. The package includes custom twin billet 62mm precision turbochargers, TiAL billet wastegates and billet blow off valves, custom fabricated stainless steel air induction using aircraft quality metal, and a custom Air/Water intercooler system with high flow water pump. Everything is cleaned up and ready to go with a custom ice water reservoir, high flow intercooler water heat exchanger, crankcase ventilation system, and K&N air filters. The engine’s beautiful sounds will rip out of a custom fabricated stainless steel exhaust using aircraft quality metal and ultra lightweight stainless steel mufflers.

Prices for the Lamborghini Gallardo TT will range from $35,000 to $109,000, depending on the stage. Hey, speed and beauty doesn’t come cheap.

UPDATE 09/12/2011: Depending on where your allegiances lie, the Underground Racing-tuned Lamborghini Gallardo TT can be described as the Suzuki Hayabusa of the auto tuning world and vice versa. But if you’re looking for something obscenely fast, can you really go wrong picking one over the other?

The short and simple answer is no. So to illustrate just how incredibly powerful these two machines are, the folks from Underground Racing and the people behind the tuned Hayabusa - Shamrock Racing - met up to see of these beasts has bigger claws. Check out the video after the jump to see two mind-blowing machines in action!

UPDATE 02/02/2012: We have a new video for you showing the Lamborghini Gallardo TT by Underground Racing hitting a top speed of 236 mph. Hit the jump to watch the video.

UPDATE 06/06/2012: In a run at the recent Unlim 500+ event, top speed was the aim of the day. Running up the perfectly straight road which stretches for in excess of one mile, an incredible Gallardo Nera managed to top out at 251mph just past the 1 mile mark. It also hit 240.84 mph just a few seconds earlier and completed the one mile run in just 23.861 seconds.

Thankfully, the whole run was captured in an array of impressive camera shots and we have both of the videos which really show just how impressive this car is. In the second video at the 55 second mark, you’ll see the driver kicking the car into 6th gear before the 251mph run was reached just 5 seconds later, suggesting that this car could go even further if its aerodynamics were improved further, there was more road to continue, and if the driver was brave enough to keep pushing it.

Check out the videos after the jump!

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Lamborghini Gallardo TT vs. the Suzuki Hayabusa

Lamborghini Gallardo TT by UGR achieves 236mph!

Lamborghini Gallardo TT by UGR achieves the one mile run in just 23.861 seconds and tops out at 251mph!

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  (599) posted on 02.9.2011

The fun is all in the end result, but to get there, Underground Racing added a slew of products.

  (336) posted on 01.27.2011

The color that as a sign of positive image but its kinda not great for the daily routine in the crowd streets. Its too attractive that can caught the attention and can cause accident in the streets.

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