A few days ago we brought you a very impressiveLamborghini Gallardo tuning package fromAmari Design. Today is time for another one: a kit from the American tuner Racing Sport Concepts (RSC). Their package includes both aerodynamic updates, but also a very impressive engine update.

For the exterior kit the tuner is offering a new front splitter and a new side skirts painted in white like all the other body elements, while the hood, windshield frame, headlights and side mirrors are finished in black. The exterior package is finished by a new set of lightweight alloy rims in a five double-spoke design.

For the engine update RSC offers no details just yet. But the first rumors suggest the output will go up to an impressive 1000 HP. There are no words on how this engine update improved the car’s performance but we expect to see a 0 to 60 mph sprint made in around 3 second and a top speed of around 200 mph.


Source: Autoevolution

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  (484) posted on 11.28.2011

It looks like the Ferrari vehicle but despite that I’m still impressed with this one because it was really oozing with angst and aggressiveness! Well, I hope that the rumored about it having an output of 1000 hp is true.

  (447) posted on 09.20.2011

The name of this car is Lamborghini Gallardo twin-turbo. i think this is one of the fastest car in Lamborghini because its twin turbo. Btw, I like the design of the car and the combination of color.

  (599) posted on 02.9.2011

wow!!I’m falling in love with this type of car,I felt like I’m dying to have this type. I truly admire the image of this concept.

  (216) posted on 02.8.2011

Look fantastic! the success of the Gallardo would be the same like his brother Murcielago. And another good thing is Amari makes a good job for the design of the Gallardo.

  (453) posted on 02.8.2011

Wow! Every time I’ve seen a new release of the Lamborghini, i can’t help but react like it was the first time that i have seen one. haha. Black and white touch looks better IMO. Is this the only color available for the Twin Turbo?

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