DMC has been working on a tuning package for the Lamborghini Aventador for what seems like ages. At first, they couldn’t decide on a name for it - going from Gargiulo to Allegro before deciding on Molto Veloce. Now, they’ve come back with another upgrade for the supercar: a full LP900 engine that produces 900 HP, up from the standard 700 HP.

When compared to the previous package, which only added a bodykit, the new one features a redesigned spoiler sword and a stunning front-splitter lip, all made of pure carbon fiber. The package also includes new side skirt diffusers aimed to improve the overall aerodynamics. The back of the Aventador has received a new lightened carbon fiber diffuser and an added tunnel system.

But how did the tuner manage to obtain the extra power? They decided to use 12 unique single intake throttle plates, one per each cylinder, followed by optimized engine electronics, an electronic load pressure control system, and completely new wiring. DMC also installed a brand new titanium exhaust system.

The price for this package is just as extensive as the additions. The Lamborghini Aventador LP900 BY DMC package will set customers back 125,000 euros, or about $165,000 at the current exchange rates.

Updated 10/12/2012: DMC has unveiled a very cool promo video for their new Molto Veloce LP900 package. Enjoy!

Updated 10/31/2012: DMC brought their latest LP900 Aventador at the SEMA Show where they made quite a sensation. Check up the photo gallery to see a new set of images from the show.

  • 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP900 by DMC
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    6.5 L
  • Price:
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  (100) posted on 09.27.2012

It seems that they changed it to another more powerful color? I think orange is not that suitable for this kind of car.

  (40) posted on 09.26.2012

Red-orange ? I don’t think it’s appropriate for the car.

  (20) posted on 09.26.2012

Another awesome design by DMC. Actually DMC is the most popular designer of cars and every car they design becomes really popular.

  (116) posted on 09.24.2012

Can they give us more details on this? As far as I can see, the only unique for me here is the scissor-like door.

  (57) posted on 09.24.2012

When I saw the design, I already new that this car is from Lamborghini. But what really attracts me is the door. Having Lamborghini is cool but having Lamborghini with that door is much cooler.

  (26) posted on 09.24.2012

Wow! Aventador really rocks! Especially the engine!.

  (26) posted on 09.24.2012

Don’t like the Orange color of it. It’s very eye-catchy.

  (26) posted on 09.24.2012

They really love making Aventador very eye-catchy. The color are really eye-catchy especially orange.

  (105) posted on 09.23.2012

Wow. This car is amazing. The orange color is very eye-catcher, and the upward door is so cool.

  (780) posted on 09.20.2012

I like the new modifications in this Aventador. The engine has never been this good and will remain giving satisfaction to drivers.

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