The Gallardo Performante gets a successor at last!

The Lamborghini Huracan made its public debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It replaced the Gallardo, the company’s best-selling model as of 2016, in the lineup and became Lambo’s entry-level supercar. Slightly longer and wider than its predecessor, the Huracan employs a different styling language compared to the Huracan, featuring lines derived from the range-topping Aventador. The design include sharper cues, more pronounced side skirts, and a more aggressive stance overall. Under the hood, the 5.2-liter V-10 was updated for more horsepower and improved fuel economy. In 2017, Lamborghini launched the higher performance Performante model and it seems that a Spyder version is set to follow soon.

Two years have passed since the Huracan was unleashed on public roads and the supercar is already highly popular, selling more than 8,000 units since its introduction. The Huracan also spawned a Spyder model, as well as race-spec Super Trofeo and GT3 models. And, Lambo is still working on new iterations, with a higher-performance Superleggera model unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Given that the Gallardo Superleggera, the car that was replaced by the Huracan Performante also had a convertible version, it’s safe to assume that the latter will also lose its top pretty soon.

The news that Lambo may be working on a Spyder variant of the Huracan Performante is by no means surprising and the name is far from new. Although it was used to replace the Superleggera, it was originally introduced on the Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante, essentially a convertible version of the Gallardo Superleggera. The high-performance drop-top was laucnhed in 2011 and remained in production until the Gallardo was phased out in 2013. Granted, it’s a bit early for a Huracan Spyder Performante given that the coupe only debuted in 2017, but the demand for special cars is so big right now that Lamborghini will most definitely bring it out in 2018.

Updated 04/05/2017: Our spy photographers caught the upcoming Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder out for a new testing session, this time around Nurburgring.

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Spy Shots

April 5, 2017 - Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder caught testing on the Nurburgring

2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Exterior Spyshots
- image 712061
2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Exterior Spyshots
- image 712064
2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Exterior Spyshots
- image 712060


2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Exterior Spyshots
- image 711895

Although word of a new Performante got out back in 2016 and the coupe was launched at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, we didn’t see the first convertible prototype on public roads until early April. Not surprisingly, the test car brings together features from the standard Huracan Spyder and the recently unveiled Performante coupe.

2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Exterior Spyshots
- image 711958
2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Exterior Spyshots
- image 711959
2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Exterior Spyshots
- image 711956
2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Exterior Spyshots
- image 711957
Look for the high-performance drop-top to use the same race-inspired front bumper and rear diffuser

As seen in the photos, the Spyder Performante is almost identical to the Performante coupe below the waist. The high-performance drop-top sports the same race-inspired bumper with large vents and double splitter, as well as the revised side skirts and lightweight wheels. Around back, we’re looking at an identical racing diffuser and exhaust pipe layout, as well as a wing atop the decklid. Interestingly enough, the wing is just as big as on the coupe, which is surprising given that drop-tops need different aerodynamics. But it’s great that the Spyder comes with the same menacing looks.

As for other features will make the Performante Spyder stand out compared to the coupe, look for the same revisions as seen on the standard Spyder. For starters, it comes with a soft-top, seemingly identical to the regular model. Second, there’s a revised engine cover with two buttresses rather than a standard lid with a lightweight glass section.


2017 Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante High Resolution Interior
- image 707995

Note: Huracan Performante coupe interior pictured here.

Inside the cabin, the Performante Spyder will be identical to its coupe sibling. The latter comes with race-spec seats, black Alcantara all over the place, and contrasting stitching on the dashboard, door panels, and "Y" graphics on the seat. Highlights should include a host of "forged composite" elements — made from chopped carbon fibers and resin — such as A/C vents, gear paddles, door handles, and center console. Additional features unique to the Performance Spyder will include two extra buttons on the center console; one to open the soft-top and one to lower the rear window. Of course, the Performante will also benefit from infinite headroom and louder engine noise with the top down.


2017 Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 709703

Note: Huracan Performante coupe engine pictured here.

The Spyder model should get the same 5.2-liter V-10 as the coupe version under the hood. Output should also be identical at 631 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque (29 horses and 18 pound-feet more than the standard drop-top) and travel to all four wheels through a dual-clutch transmission.

Performance should see an improvement over the standard Spyder, but don’t expect it to be quicker than the Performante coupe. With today’s technology, Lambo will be able to create a drop-top that’s almost as light as the coupe, which weighs 88 pounds less than the regular model, but given the different aerodynamics of the Spyder, it could be a tenth-second slower from 0 to 62 mph. Specifically, expect the Performante Spyder to hit the benchmark in three seconds, which is impressive to say the least.

The Spyder model should get the same 5.2-liter V-10 as the coupe version under the hood.

With the Performante coupe being the quickest production car around the Nurburgring track, it’s only natural to ask ourselves whether the Spyder is as fast. Again, the aerodynamics and maybe the few extra pounds will prevent the drop-top from lapping the "Green Hell" in the same 6:52 minutes, but look for a sub-seven-minute lap.

The Performance Spyder will also benefit from the new chassis and suspension setup with stiffer everything, optional variable ratio dynamic steering, and a specifically tuned permanent four-wheel-drive system. Stopping power will come from ventilated, cross-drilled carbon-ceramic discs and six-piston calipers and the front and four-piston clamps to the rear. Finally, the Performante Spyder will ride on a hybrid aluminum and carbon-fiber frame that also uses the company’s exclusive "forged composite" alloy made from chopped carbon fibers and resin.


The fact that Lamborghinis don’t come cheap is common knowledge, and the Huracan Performante will be no exception from this rule. With the Performante coupe model priced from 274,390, the Spyder could fetch around $300,000 before options.


While the Performante coupe can be pitted against the Porsche 911 GT3, the German sports car isn’t available as a convertible, which leaves the Spyder without a proper competitor, at least until Ferrari and McLaren release something similar.

Ferrari 488 Scuderia/Speciale Aperta

2018 Ferrari 488 GTO Exterior Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 636192

Ferrari has yet to launch a higher performance version of the 488 GTB and there’s no indication as to when it might arrive. We don’t even know whether it will be called the Scuderia or Speciale, but the drop-top will most likely come with an "Aperta" badge, which Ferrari used for both the cabriolet versions of the 458 Speciale and LaFerrari. The beefed-up 488 Aperta will use the same twin-turbo, 3.9-liter V-8 as the regular model, bout output will increase to around 700 horsepower. The extra oomph should enable the Italian sports car to hit 62 mph in three seconds. Pricing will start from at $320,000. Meanwhile, the "regular" 488 Spider boasts 660 horsepower and 560 pound-feet and needs a little over three seconds to reach 62 mph. Granted, it doesn’t have the advanced aerodynamics and materials of the Performante, but it’s nearly as fast.

Learn more about the Ferrari 488 Scuderia and the Ferrari 488 Spiider here and here.

McLaren 720S

2018 McLaren 720S High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 709294
2018 McLaren 720S High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 709289

Unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the new Super Series has yet to spawn a successor for the 675LT, but rest assured, McLaren is working on it. And the coupe will most definitely be followed by a Spider version. Meanwhile, the 720S is a pretty powerful machine, putting a whopping 710 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque to the ground thanks to its upgraded twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V-8 engine. And it’s track-capable too. Maybe not as quick as the Huracan Performante around the Nurburgring, but we won’t know for sure until McLaren takes it for a spin on the "Green Hell." With the standard coupe designed to hit 62 mph in "less than three seconds," it’s safe to assume that a higher-performance Spider model will be quicker than the Lambo. On the flipside, it will cost well in excess of $300,000.

Find out more about the McLaren 720S here.


2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Exterior Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 697074

It’s hard not to get excited about a new Lamborghini, especially when it comes with the looks and performance of a Performance model model and the infinite headroom of a convertible. However, based on the performance figures of the newly launched Performante, the Spyder will be no match for its main rivals. So if it’s blistering fast 0-to-62 mph times you’re looking for, you’re better off with a McLaren or even a Ferrari 488. They’re also a bit more affordable than what the Lambo is expected to cost, assuming that $20,000 to $30,000 makes a difference in this bracket. On the other hand, the Performante will have a much more intricate aerodynamics kit that neither McLaren or Ferrari will be able to match anytime soon, but we’ll how this changes when the higher performance versions arrive.

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Updated 11/28/2016: Based on the recent speculations, we created a rendering for the upcoming Performante Spyder. Let us know in the "comments" section below what do you think about it.

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