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2012 Lamborghini Aventador Spider Dragon Edition by Oakley Design and Refined-Marques

2012 Lamborghini Aventador Spider Dragon Edition by Oakley Design and Refined-Marques

Shmee150 is always great for awesome YouTube videos and sometimes he even gets us a glimpse at cars we would otherwise know nothing about. This time around he’s completed both tasks, and done an admiral job at it. While we all sit and wait for Lamborghini to stop fiddling around with producing an Aventador Spider, Shmee has dug one up that is customized by Oakley Design and Refined-Marques.

At the recent Chelsea Auto Legends event in London, Oakley Design and Refined-Marques unveiled their Aventador project, calling it the Lamborghini Aventador Dragon Edition. Only 10 units will be made, which means that it’s more than just an exclusive piece of high-powered Italian awesomeness.

The Aventador Dragon Edition distinguishes itself from just about every other Aventador on the planet, highlighted by the attention-grabbing chrome Aqua-Blue exterior body. From there, Oakley Design’s comprehensive carbon fiber body kit was also fitted into the car. The components for this kit include a redesigned front bumper, a fixed carbon fiber rear spoiler, rear air vents, and a new set of HRE wheels. Inside, the Dragon Edition was dressed with a slew of specially-numbered plaques designating its model number. These plaques can be found throughout the supercar, including on the engine bay, the dashboard, and the door sills. Moreover, the supercar also has red dragon stitching on the inside of the doors, in case people forget that the car is called the Aventador Dragon Edition.

Under its hood, the folks at Oakley and Refined-Marques also bumped up the power, thanks to the former’s ECU modifications resulting in an output of 760 horsepower. While there is no mention of torque increase, we’re sure there is somewhat of an increase in there, too. Additionally, the fabricators added in a titanium exhaust system that saves a whopping 35 kg (77 lbs).

Check out a few videos of the Lamborghini Aventador Dragon Edition after the jump.

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