You can spin its name however you want, but the name "Galaxy Warrior" doesn’t necessarily sound like something you’d want to put in your car. Sure, it could pass as the name of the Ultimate Warrior’s long-lost cousin.

But as a styling package for the Lamborghini Gallardo? Nope. Not good at all.

True to its name, this "Galaxy Warrior" Gallardo that’s being sold on Ebay Germany does look the part of an intergalactic machine from the world of Warrior. But here on this planet, where the Gallardo is considered one of the most beautifully-designed cars in the world, there’s no room for robotic-looking Italian supercars, even if its an attention-grabber in every lost sense of the word.

In any case, the people responsible for this ungodly sight is a company called ATS Automotive, which gave the Gallardo an aerodynamic kit that includes a new front bumper, new side skirts, a number of new air vents, a new rear bumper, an aftermarket rear wing, and new twin-pipe exhaust system, and a new set of alloy wheels.

While it does sound like a package that’s got everything you need in an aero kit, the visual result of the whole car leaves a lot to be desired.

About the only thing redeemable about this car is that it still comes with the Gallardo’s 5.2-liter V10 engine that produces an output of 560 horsepower. Other than that, and that alone, we’d leave this one alone.


Source: Ebay Germany (Translated)

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  (488) posted on 02.3.2012

When I first heard the name, I thought that this was a spaceship or what. I agree that this is the Ultimate’s Warrior’s long-lost cousin. Gallardo did a good job creating this super car. 

  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

This is somewhat looks like a vehicle of a super hero. I love the exotic looks and performance of Lamborghini Gallardo “Galaxy Warrior”.

  (256) posted on 12.13.2011

Well, it is already looking great on its color. The wheels are cool either. I also noticed that it’s too broad, but I’m still impressed with this for I see this as a unique sports vehicle.

  (539) posted on 11.28.2011

Galaxy Warrior is absolutely a battler on its exterior appearance! smiley Well, I must say that it is the coolest Lamborghini that I saw today! However, I hope that they use V12 engine instead of V10 only.

  (224) posted on 11.9.2011

Yeah! I wonder either, if how it became a strange car, is it because it looks so broad for a sports car? Anyway, I must say that I love the over-all looks of this Galaxy Warrior, very cool!

  (444) posted on 10.17.2011

The article said it already, that it galaxy warrior was considered as the most beautifully designed cars in the world and no room for robotic looking, so I wonder if why they said that it was a strange car.

  (372) posted on 10.13.2011

I don’t know why this put this Galaxy Warrior on a ’strange car’ category. I really don’t find it strange instead I just find it very aggressive on its platform and on its other detailing.

  (449) posted on 10.12.2011

Galaxy Warrior is really oozing with angst and aggressiveness which I found so impressive with it and it adds more appeal on this sport car and I also have to agree that it is already looking great on its body paint.

  (374) posted on 09.29.2011

It’s too broad but I had either been so impressed with the super and the obvious sporty appearance of this Gallardo. smiley Well, it is already looking great on its color. The wheels are cool either.

  (447) posted on 09.20.2011

WOW!! I’m so impressed to this car. I really like it! The style and the design are really great! The Color and the rims are the same and front bumper has a good form.

  (434) posted on 07.26.2011

I wonder why is it named a Galaxy Warrior, and I also wanted to know who are the competitors of this one. By the way, the performance output of this car is quite promising.

  (474) posted on 07.20.2011

Most yellow cars are cool as I notice. However, it has a very aggressive name and looks. I will be very glad if it will transform into a robot because the name reflects on it.

  (648) posted on 07.12.2011

This thing is truly a warrior. I like this Gallardo even more. It has the pure roughness with sporty looks. A complete road warrior.

  (579) posted on 07.11.2011

I am very curious how luxury cars were bidded on ebay? Does it have any restrictions or policies. How would the owner will send the car? Too many questions, I have to read ebay’s guidelines.

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