Anybody that has a self-professed affinity for supercars will attest that a Lamborghini is right up there in the annals of exotic royalty. With a design language that screams pure unadulterated aggression, Lamborghini’s have always been close to the hearts of exotic lovers from all corners of the world.

So what happens when you have an amazing designer doing his own rendition of what a future Lamborghini supercar is going to look like? All hell breaks loose, that’s what.

Sabino Leerentveld is definitely one talented cat. His past works have already been featured in our site, including the 2011 Nazca C2, so he definitely has that keen eye and creative mind that we all love and appreciate.

His latest creation, the Lamborghini PML-F, will certainly make the boys over at Sant’Agata proud.

Looking like a cross between an LMP1 racer and a Formula One race car, the PML-F departs from Lamborghini’s iconic design language and is built with an added dose of aggressive edges. The two-seater superduper car has an enormous back wing and an elongated front end with a central fin and an F1-style nose.

In terms of performance, Leerentveld chalked in a 3.0-liter V12 engine with 1,200 horsepower, giving it enough power to justify the rocket ship styling. Add these numbers to a body that weighs just 700 kilos, and you get a car that’s as racy and sharp looking as it is mind-numbingly fast.

Now we don’t expect Lamborghini to come out with a car like this anytime soon, but at some point in the future, there’s bound to be a shift in focus for the Raging Bull. Here’s to hoping that their cars of the future will at least resemble Sabino Leerentveld’s latest masterpiece.


Source: Sabino Leerentveld

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  (484) posted on 11.28.2011

It looks so unique and exotic on its platform! Well, it is really very noticeable on its design and its nice to know that they use a V12 engine which is suited only for a sports car like this.

  (309) posted on 03.17.2011

I really like how this one has that F1 feel to it, makes into a a really unique package. One thing though about this one is that it is likely not to be made into production.

  (460) posted on 03.11.2011

well,It is definitely a supercars Lamborghini compare to others auto,The main angle based on its body sculptured really great in style. But one thing to say,i think its too stylistic creates a bad outlook design.

  (599) posted on 02.16.2011

Now this IS one of the most beautiful exotic car I’ve seen for Lambo. If this car comes out, is it already street legal like the Pagani Zonda?. I really wanted to drive this one on highways.

  (599) posted on 02.9.2011

Anyone who has this car will definitely feel the satisfaction in driving. How not, this car is a supercar with stunning design.

  (412) posted on 02.9.2011

don’t think it will be good when it makes production however. I think we’re looking at the next Gallardo. It looks around the same size, and it’s got a V10.

  (558) posted on 02.9.2011

I’m not generally a fan of lots of angles and intersections, but I must agree that, from the pictures I have seen, this looks pretty good. Still, if I had the bucks and my druthers, I’d prefer the Reventon.

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