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2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

The baby Lambo loses its roof

Just five years after it was sold to Audi, Lamborghini realized its vision for a smaller, more accessible complement to the outrageous Murcielago monster. It’s called the Gallardo, and despite being labeled as the “baby Lambo,” it has every ounce of attitude needed to justify the Raging Bull badge placed on its nose. Behind the cockpit, Lambo mounted a V-10 powerplant pushing over 500 horsepower – enough to bless the coupe with a top speed of 192 mph. The car was a smash hit, so two years later, Lambo introduced a convertible variant – the Gallardo Spyder. Framed as a brand-new model thanks to its revised drivetrain, the Gallardo Spyder offered the same thrills as the rest of the Lambo totem pole, but added an unlimited blue-sky headliner. Simply put, it’s high-speed drop-top insanity – Sant’Agata Bolognese style.

What makes the Gallardo Spyder unique amongst its supercar competitors is its AWD drivetrain and high-class cabin, both of which are the result of Lamborghini’s position under the Audi umbrella. But the Gallardo is much more than just a restyled R8 – it leaps towards the horizon with a ferocious character that’s nowhere to be found in its more subdued German counterpart. At the end of the day, the Gallardo Spyder might share the same Audi genes, but it’s still very much a Lamborghini.

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