The Chrysler 200 was nipped, pulled, and tweaked into something that Chrysler hopes will revive the model in the US market’s eyes, and now it’s going to get a different badge slapped on its backside for its European counterpart. Lancia is about to unveil the Flavia concept, a preview version of the European 200 that will be launched in about six months.

The Lancia Flavia Concept is characterized by clean surfaces and elegant lines, as well as a distinctive new grille with the original front headlights and fog lights. Adding to the stylish exterior are LED tail lights and a third brake light, both with LED technology. The concept will be presented in both coupe and convertible versions, with the convertible featuring a refined soft top with electric control.

The interior of the 200 wannabe will feature fine leather, electronic stability control (ESC), numerous airbags (multi-stage front, side and window bags), and electronic traction control. The steering wheel will get integrated controls to operate the radio, cruise control, and mobile phone, allowing for a safe and comfortable drive.


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  (463) posted on 10.10.2011

I always get attracted to clean and cool expression of car. More of a plain gesture but integrated inside performance.

  (595) posted on 08.18.2011

Don’t be surprised MarlonSlay. The design of the car is lame. It looks like an old model. I also agree that most features of the car came from Chrysler. What can the integrated handle of the car do? The performance is not on the handle.

  (134) posted on 02.20.2011

This car looks good to me. No in looks, but in value and equipment. Why is everybody so down on it? I dig the Pentastar V6. And we have to tolerate their junk coming here .

  (714) posted on 02.20.2011

So this is going to be yet another Flavia export from the US that Europe has to put up with? No wonder we’re unpopular for so much across the pond.

  (46) posted on 02.18.2011

2011? Really? Looks more like a 2005 car!

  (89) posted on 02.18.2011

Indeed... almost identical with some models from Chrysler!!!

  (111) posted on 02.18.2011

I guess they ran out of ideas and decided to copy Chrystler smiley

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