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Scale models of the Lancia Stratos GT2 should hold us over

Scale models of the Lancia Stratos GT2 should hold us over

There were tons of rumors circling around about a future Lancia Stratos when spy shots were taken of a vehicle driving around at the Fiat Group test track at Balocco near Milan. Not long after those photos were taken the One-off Lancia Stratos was confirmed as a special project developed especially for the German millionaire collector Michael Stoschek. While a lot of people interested in a new Stratos pouted in defeat, the automaker’s wheels were turning, thinking of a way they could make a profit out of all this interest.

And they may have found a way in a small series of 25 units that may be developed to compete in the FIAT GT2 series. The announcement for this series was made by Paul Ricard during an exclusive presentation of the new Stratos to the international press.

While we may not see official details of the exclusive Stratos GT2 anytime soon, the company has released 199 1:8 scale models, distinguished by blue livery and on sale at a price of € 4150.

These scale models will be built by British manufacturer, Amalgam, and are distinguished by additional lights hidden behind the radiator grille and a large rear wing. The GT2 model will also get improved aerodynamics, clam shell fasteners, and a quick release fuel filler cap.

And to add a personal touch to the scale models of the Startos GT2 are the names of the original crew that worked on the Stratos back in 1974: "Loris Bicocchi, Bernard Darniche and Sandro Munari."

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