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2018 Lancia Delta HF Integrale - Futurista Coupe

2018 Lancia Delta HF Integrale - Futurista Coupe

An exquisite reimagining of a rally icon, now built for the modern era

The Lancia Delta HF Integrale was an absolute legend in the world of motorsports. Forged in the fires of Group A rally racing, the boxy Italian compact collected a number of wins throughout its career, earning the respect and adoration of countless racing fans. Eugenio Amos counts himself among those fans, and from his passion, he’s created the Lancia Delta Futurista, a restomod that elevates the legend to an all-new level, all while keeping in the spirit of the original.

The Lancia Delta Futurista was designed and built by Amos’ company, Automobili Amos, a customization shop out of Italy. The restomod project is similar to the Jag E-Type-based Eagle Speedster and 911-based Singer Porsches we’ve seen before, mixing high-level modernization and performance with old school, nostalgia-inducing cues. Amos likens the Lancia Delta Futurista to a “romantic vision” that breaks from a world perceived as “too aseptic, too fast, that runs like the wind, superficial and intangible.”

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