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New Lancia Stratos officially dead; Renault Alpine could be reborn

Now we can officially put all the talk to rest. The New Lancia Stratos, a one-off supercar that was built and designed by Pininfarina as a tribute vehicle to the legendary car of the 70’s, will remain a one-off. And we have Ferrari to thank - or blame - for that.

After the immense popularity generated by the New Stratos when it was unveiled a year ago, there was talk that Pininfarina was looking into building a limited run of the supercar for interested customers. But since the project hinged on Ferrari allowing the company to use the 430 Scuderia as the car’s platform, they had to receive the green light from the Italian automaker to proceed with the program.

Unfortunately, those folks from Ferrari have refused to allow a limited production run of the New Stratos with Ferrari CEO Dr. Amadeo Felisa seemingly content with the one-off project that was built for Michael Stoschek.

We’re pretty disappointed to see the Stratos’ renaissance end even before it actually began, but if there’s a silver lining in all of this, it’s that instead of the New Stratos, Koscheck and his people have set their sights on building a modern version of another old-time classic: the Renault Alpine A110 Berlinette. Talks with the French automaker are already in progress so we’re crossing our fingers that the Alpine will come back to our lives the way the New Stratos should have.

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Ferrari doesn't want Lancia to build limited production of New Stratos

Ferrari doesn’t want Lancia to build limited production of New Stratos

Could it be that the almighty Ferrari is getting a case of envy over the success and popularity of one of its sub-brands? Of course, the Prancing Horse won’t admit it, but how else do you explain their decision to prevent the Lancia’s New Stratos from becoming a limited production supercar after the one-off version of Michael Stoscheck proved to be a box-office success?

As you know by now, the New Stratos comes with plenty of Ferrari mechanicals and building one would need the green light of Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo. But according to numerous reports, Ferrari is not allowing its suppliers to get involved in the production of a limited number of New Stratos supercars despite the growing number of interest surrounding it.

With supplier’s hands tied behind their backs, specifically that of Pininfarina, the people behind the entire New Stratos project are trying to come up with a Plan B to get the entire project up and running again while looking at other potential partners.

Granted, we’re not sure exactly how they’re going to be able to do it without ruffling some feathers in Maranello, but given that the New Stratos already has over 40 prospective customers signed up, we really don’t see why Ferrari is suddenly a little hesitant in backing the project.

Perhaps they’re afraid that they might gain a competitor for their cars? It’s certainly looking that way.

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Lancia Stratos caught testing on track

Lancia Stratos caught testing on track

Lancia may not be the first brand you associate with a supercar – it may not even be the ninth or tenth brand you’d think of – but the truth sometimes is stranger than what people think.

And the truth is, Lancia is making a supercar – they’re calling it the Stratos – and with the help of noted coachbuilder, Pininfarina, we may see a whole lot more of the car in the coming future.

For now, we’re going to settle for this video of the Stratos, which, at this point, is probably still a prototype, being taken for a quick run around the track by no less than Michael Stoschek, the man behind the entire project. We don’t even need to understand German to know that there seems to be a lot of expectations directed at this car, especially considering that the Stratos is pretty much a mini version of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia with the car’s engine being a Ferrari V8 and its chassis based on the aforementioned Prancing Horse sports car.

Like we said, we’re going to run off a lot more models of supercars before we come across the Stratos, but for what it’s worth, this Lancia/Pininfarina project should be making a name for itself sometime down the road.

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