Would be the perfect extreme luxury off-roader

Arctic Trucks is a world-renowned off-road specialist based out of Reykjavik, Iceland whose trucks are specially designed to cross vast frozen wastelands. Their creations have a unique look, with bulging fender flares and big, oversized tires, but that look doesn’t only work on pickup trucks from Toyota, Isuzu or Nissan - it works on any high-riding vehicle, so why not the brand new BMW X7?

The Arctic Trucks BMW X7 Isn't Real but We Want One
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I don’t really see this happening in real life any time soon, but think about how great it would be if you could blend the luxury and high tech of the new X7 with the sheer capability of something created by Arctic Trucks...

That’s something I’d really like to drive and go on an expedition in, but it’d really cost at least an arm and a leg to make - maybe more.

That’s why I decided to try to make it in PhotoShop, using X7 press photos and bits off actual Arctic Trucks. The result doesn’t look awkward at all, not even with the snorkel I added on at the last minute just for kicks.

Before making this rendering, I was unsure whether or not my X7 Arctic Trucks idea was a silly one or not. Now I’m positive it’s not silly and desperately want one to brave the harsh winter ahead.

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