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Video of the Day: Jeremy Clarkson Talks about the Lancia 037

Video of the Day: Jeremy Clarkson Talks about the Lancia 037

This is one segment from The Grand Tour that you shouldn’t miss

The Lancia 037 holds a special place in the hearts of a lot of people. It’s one of those models that wasn’t supposed to exist, but homologation requirements obligated Lancia to build a little over 200 road-going models of the 037. The one you see here with Jeremy Clarkson is one of the 207 production 037s that were built. 35 years after it was produced, the Lancia 037 still looks as incredible as it’s always been.

The video of Clarkson’s time behind the wheel of the 037 is short, but if you haven’t seen the full segment, it’s something that you need to watch. Rarely do we get to see the three hosts trade in their skits and crass humor for a compelling and insightful segment that tells a gripping story of a car’s history and impact in the industry. For whatever reason, The Grand Tour adopted this kind of approach in this segment. The result is arguably the best segment of the show’s second season, possibly even its entire run.

Brashness aside, Clarkson is regarded as an authority in the auto industry. Far too often, he doesn’t use that platform to really espouse the real stories behind some of the cars he reviews. This time, he did, and we appreciate him for it. The Lancia 037 has a great story to tell, and for once, we’re pleased that Jeremy Clarkson was the one to tell it.

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