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Now even more luxury, power, and in-your-face styling from the wizards at Mansory, just in time for the Range Rover’s 40th birthday. The Range Rover Sport has been a very successful vehicle even in today’s tax- and emission-laden world. They no doubt are “footballers” cars, described that way due to the fact that celebrities love them – chief amongst which are English Footballers. It would make sense that, with such an affluent target market, buyers would no doubt want their Sport to stand out from all the others in the shopping mall parking lot.

Answering that call are luxury Swiss aftermarket gurus, Mansory, with a newly released complete transformation kit for the Range Rover Sport. The kit is complete in that it encompasses all aspects of vehicle tuning – styling, performance, and interior.

Their latest offering comprises of a full carbon/plastic bodykit, which includes a new bonnet with a power bulge big enough to suck in a small planet, complete new wings (60mm wider in front & 80mm at the rear), a beautiful carbon diffuser, new side skirts, new front and rear bumpers, and exterior trim. We think it’s safe to say they have left very little untouched. Rounding off the exterior look are a set of yummy lightweight 23” wheels.

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Inside, all is typically Mansory - dripping with luxury fit for royalty. In their brash fashion, they have chosen striking colors of leather that contrast black exterior very well. Top notch cow and tree accents are available and can be traded for carbon, should one choose to exude a racier feel within the cabin. Other highlights include aluminum pedals and the Mansory Switzerland logos tastefully added to the door sills.

Performance has not been left by the wayside either. Mansory also boasts of a 30Hp and 40Nm power gain on either petrol or diesel models, achieved by reworking the ECU, a new sports exhaust, and the addition of freer-breathing air filters. The Sports’ trick or should we say tricky air suspension has also been treated to a new control module that allows the car to be lowered or raised by up to 30mm, depending on the terrain and bravery of the owner. We’d like one please, and make it a deep blue with beige interior, and thanks.

Source: Mansory

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  (539) posted on 11.28.2011

I just only love the interior of this one, very classy and luxurious! As for the exterior appearance of it, I must say that I’m not so impressed on it, and I also noticed that its wheels didn’t look good at it.

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