• 2010 Range Rover Sport and Vogue Platinum V and S packages by Onyx

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Onyx Concept Bespoke Automotive is in the car tuning business not to tinker around with cars, but to question conformity. They believe cars are beginning to lose their style and appeal, so they are in business to challenge the automotive business by creating tuning packages for models such as Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Land Rover. Creating design and style is exactly what they have done with their new Land Rover Range Rover Sport and Vogue tuning packages. The V and S packages not only provide a full body kit for the Range Rover models, but they also provide an impressive revamping of the cars’ engines.

The V and S packages begin with front and rear bumpers, arches, and spoilers made of high quality fiberglass reinforced plastic. The side vents, front grills, and rear diffusers are made of a more luxurious material: carbon fiber. The body kit makes the car look lower and wider than the standard Range Rover model and also adds a square shape to the Range Rover that is questionable in terms of taste. The Range Rover fulfills its exterior destiny with a set of 22” forged bespoke custom TPM1 alloy wheels. The interior of the Range Rover models gets only a minor, but exceptional change: buffalo hide perforated leather.

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The most important and usable change to the Range Rover Sport and Vogue is the increased power. The guys over at Onyx were able to boost the diesel power of the standard models by about 30% allowing the 5.0L petrol engine to produce a galloping 635 HP. This was accomplished by an Onyx remap, replacement supercharger pulley system, other unspecified tweaks.

Overall, the V and S packages provided for the Range Rover Sport and Vogue offer many things, but leave much on the table in regards to style. The Sport and Vogue models are high end vehicles that have been tuned to look a little too much like the boxy Scion xB. The prices for the packages were not disclosed, but we can assure consumers that it will be a lot cheaper just to buy a Scion.

Press Release

Bespoke tuning company onyx concept are proud to present there newest edition 2010 Range rover vogue and sport packages. The Platinum V and S packages are unrivaled by the distinctive styling, performance upgrades and flawless craftsmanship that the onyx team of professionals have to offer. These include exterior parts such as front and rear bumpers arches and spoilers made from the highest quality FRP to prepregnated carbon fiber materials used in manufacturing side vents, front grills and rear diffusers. These carbon fiber techniques are only found in other high-end industries such as formula 1 and aerospace engineering.

2010 Range Rover Sport and Vogue Platinum V and S packages by Onyx Exterior
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The inside of the vehicle has had its no less than stunning makeover with buffalo hide perforated leather in the most striking colors and designs available on the marketplace today. Only the finest hides are blended together in a seamless and perfect balance to bring your senses to life.

To enhance the performance of your Range Rover, ONYX have managed to increase the power output on diesel models by 30% and with these exclusive 5.0L petrol engines pictured a massive 635HP. This power increase is achieved by an ONYX remap and an ONYX replacement supercharger pulley and a few other tweaks that have not been disclosed yet. Speaking with one of our trained professionals will make sure that you the customer will get a vehicle that not only satisfies you aesthetically but dynamically combined.
Onyx has set the benchmark that only competitors can follow. Bespoke and the clients vision is the key to all aspects of an ONYX Concept vehicle. From the moment a client speaks to an ONYX representative till he receives a finished vehicle, ONYX strive to produce the perfect unique and exquisite car for a handful of clientele who know what they want in life and simply just go get it.

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  (346) posted on 05.18.2010

No way! The range rover is the king of 4x4’s there is more range rovers on the road than any other 4x4 in the world much to merc bmw and porsches disliking. These kits are also sick and wheels look great, 635HP thats just crazy would love a drive in that see what it feels like

  (665) posted on 05.17.2010

ONYX Cars really has revealed the first renderings of their Platinum V styling package for the Range Rover full size Vogue. The future bold bodykit is really a perfect combination of carbon fiber elements.

  (503) posted on 05.17.2010

Why is a scion XB doing here? this both are way way far different than each other.

  (807) posted on 05.16.2010

Lovely! Now this is what a PIMP car should look like.

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