If you have a Land Rover or Range Rover and you’re in the market for a tuning company that offers some of the best body kits for these SUVs, you won’t find one that can do it better than Project Kahn. Known everywhere as a tuner that specializes on the British SUV brand, Project Kahn has continuously rolled out refreshed models of Land Rovers and Range Rovers for quite some time now. And the best part about it is that these guys aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

While there doesn’t appear to be any overwhelming differences from all their previous works, Project Kahn’s refreshed body kit for the Range Rover Vogue 4.4 Diesel RS450 does have its own set of aesthetic goodies. For starters, the exterior comes with a new front bumper that comes with “3D mesh inserts”, fog lamps, and LED lights. There’s also a fresh front grille, RS side skirts, a revised rear bumper with a diffuser, a modified stainless steel exhaust system with four exhaust tips, and a set of 22” Kahn RSX alloys round out the exterior package of the RS450.

Over at the interior, Project Kahn gave the dashboard 14 new trim pieces with an option of a piano black or steel finish with a clock fascia that’s also available in a variety of colors with Swarovski diamond inserts for a luxurious touch. On top of that, the interior also gets stainless steel sill plates, a red key insert with the company’s logo, and a leather key ring to complete the interior upgrades.

When it comes to body kits, Project Kahn isn’t the type to wow you with out of this world upgrades. Instead, they’ve established a reputation for being a tuning company that gives you tons of substance with sprinkles of style on the side. More often than not, that’s what makes them one of the best in the industry.


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  (647) posted on 12.22.2011

I think Project khan is fond of black exterior; I think their aftermarket version of Roll Royce Phantom has the same detailing. Well, I guess a test drive will prove on how reliable is this car!

  (541) posted on 11.28.2011

The body kit of this Vogue is absolutely looks so perfect with this one. However, I am hoping that this time they would already use an impressive and powerful engine for this.

  (228) posted on 04.28.2011

hmm. I think Range Rover performs well and as its best on off road activities! Although, i don’t think that its smart to have one and be used daily..

  (692) posted on 02.14.2011

The only thing you do by saying they are "overpriced’ is admitting that you don’t have any money.

  (427) posted on 02.14.2011

Honda’s are for economical moms and students. Land Rovers are for people with taste and money. Anyone who buys a Land Rover can afford to pay for any "lack in quality" so arguing that point is irrelevant.

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