Land Rover knows that they have a gem in the Range Rover Evoque. With over 100,000 models sold in its first full year of sales, the Evoque’s popularity is only growing by the day.

So what better way to add more spike on that popularity than to release a special-edition Evoque that gives a completely fresh color scheme to the British SUV.

We don’t know about you, but this Sicilian Yellow Edition Evoque looks downright amazing. The ultimate compliment that you can throw at a car is your desire to buy one after just one look. We admit that the moment we saw this special-edition Evoque, that’s what immediately came into our mind.

Then, we remembered that we don’t have the disposable income to buy one so our fascination for it will probably remain within these pages for the time being. But if you’ve got the funds, we don’t see why you can’t look at this Evoque and not wish to have one in your garage soon.


2013 Range Rover Evoque Sicilian Yellow Edition Emblems and Logo Exterior
- image 489310

The Evoque Sicilian Yellow Edition is based on the 2013 Evoque Dynamic Plus and the unique features it presents further enhance the striking characteristics of the Evoque. For starters, the limited-edition model can be dressed in a choice of two colors — Sicilian Yellow body with a Santorini Black contrasting roof and a Santorini Black body with a Sicilian Yellow contrasting roof and door mirrors — both of which carry their own unique punch of style and attitude. As far as we’re concerned, though, we don’t see a whole lot of upside on that Santorini Black body. But that Sicilian Yellow body looks deliriously awesome.


2013 Range Rover Evoque Sicilian Yellow Edition Interior
- image 489321

The interior details on the Evoque Sicilian Yellow Edition offers a fresh and complementary take on the flashy exterior. There are not a lot of details, but the yellow-contrast stitching on the seats, the central storage area, the door trims, the fascia mid-section, and the anodized-yellow horizontal finisher does give off a solid and clean look that highlights the entire Sicilian shade of the Evoque.

The Black Design Pack

2013 Range Rover Evoque Sicilian Yellow Edition Interior
- image 489320

The Black Design Pack is a number of add-on accessories that will be available independent of the limited-edition model, beginning in April. Among the goodies that you can expect with the pack include a rear sport spoiler, darkened front headlights and fog lamps, black Range Rover lettering, clear rear lamps, Santorini Black-painted bumper sections, dark exhaust finishers, and a set of 20-inch gloss-black forged wheels. The only caveat is that the Black Design pack will be exclusively available to Dynamic models of the Evoque.


2013 Range Rover Evoque Sicilian Yellow Edition Exterior
- image 489315

The Range Rover Evoque Sicillian Yellow Edition is powered by a choice of engines, including the efficient and lightweight 2.2-liter diesel engine that can be had in either TD4 or SD4 trim with outputs of 150 and 190 horsepower, respectively, and can be combined with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system. Rounding out the engine options for the Sicilian Edition is the four-wheel-drive-equipped Si4 engine that produces 240 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Land Rover Says...

2013 Range Rover Evoque Sicilian Yellow Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 489303

"The Sicilian Yellow Limited Edition is the perfect opportunity to introduce the Range Rover Evoque into 2013 and build on what is already a tremendous success story. Such a striking color combination attributes itself to the already unique styling of the Evoque. This, combined with the release of the Black Design Pack in April, will provide customers with yet more appealing and unique choices," said John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director.


2013 Range Rover Evoque Sicilian Yellow Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 489309

Make no mistake; we see some upside on that Santorini Black Evoque. But given a choice, we’ll take the Sicilian Yellow Evoque any day of the week!

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  (422) posted on 01.13.2013

Yes Gary, you are right.Would have been so much better if they had make it more powerful

  (305) posted on 01.13.2013

Too bad they didn’t raise up the performances of this car.So, the Evoque edition would have been more spectacular

  (422) posted on 01.13.2013

It seems that this new year brings up only special things and pleasant surprises!

  (305) posted on 01.13.2013

As concept, Range Rover, brought up something special, indeed,but I think that the black version seems to be more serious

  (302) posted on 01.13.2013

I like the angry look of this car1It seems to be a special one, and I am wondering now what the cost of it would be

  (312) posted on 01.13.2013

As I’m in love with Sicily, I cannot fall for this beauty.Special car, that really evoques a special place on earth.Great job!!

  (305) posted on 01.13.2013

Is it made out of pure gold?At least so it seems to me

  (475) posted on 01.10.2013

How is it possibly for a SUV, although being a sport vehicle, to look so refined and elegant?
Only Range Rover could create such madness smiley

  (452) posted on 01.10.2013

Even if I’m not really fascinated by this kind of big cars, this one let a good impression on me.And the idea of Range R., with the Evoque series, I really appreciate

  (475) posted on 01.10.2013

Snow, if you have a Range Rover showroom near you, ask there for some more details.Maybe at a Salon you’ll have such chance

  (516) posted on 01.10.2013

The black version seems more great, to me.I really like this car, and I’m wondering, where could I test it?

  (509) posted on 01.10.2013

Gorgeous car!
Does anybody know what the price might be?I don’t see any..

  (475) posted on 01.10.2013

This seems to be a top quality SUV, judging by the details of its components.I like very much, and I really would like to have it!!

  (542) posted on 01.10.2013

Mmm, this color is really preciouS!It’s like pure gold, and it really reminds me of the Sicilian heat!
Poetical and great

  (516) posted on 01.10.2013

Add the Black Pack Design and you have a pretty sick ride : that’s funny!
But this car is amazing, for good

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