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    Artist rendering of the 2008 Lexus LX470
  • Lexus LX470
  • Lexus LX470
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Lexus is preparing a new installment of its top of the range off-roader. With a new sleek design and upgraded technology, the new LX will be prepared to take on the new Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, or on to the “king of the hill”, the British Range Rover. Closely related to the upcoming Toyota Landcruiser, the next generation Lexus LX is expected as a 2008 year model.

The original Lexus LX470 was introduced in 1998, and since that year, it has received several minor updates. For 2007, everyone expects a completely new LX. Spy photographers have caught have caught in southern Europe several test vehicles that proved to be the future Toyota Landcruiser. As we know, closely based on that is the luxurious brother Lexus LX.

Through the disguise could be seen that the new pair of SUVs will get a much rounder overall design in contrast with the boxy lines of the current models. It is also expected that the Lexus models will get a more individual design, and make a more obvious departure from the Toyotas. The current LX470 is just a rebadged Landcruiser with a more luxurious approach.

By analyzing the spy photos and taking into account the latest tendencies is Lexus’s “L-finesse” design policy our artist has prepared a couple of images that give you an idea on how the future LX might end-up like. The fascia is completely new, with the latest Lexus front bumper styling, but adapted for an off-roader. New front lights inspired by those of the LS top saloons, point that the LX is a master league player. The rear styling has received fewer changes, general lines got more refined, and the taillights were redesigned.

Images taken to the interior of the car also point to the latest Lexus design ideas. It seems that a very large screen (probably a touch-screen) will be available for the navigation system and rear view camera. Aside from that, it seems that the whole interior will become even more luxurious featuring more wood paneling and chrome.

2008 Lexus LX470
- image 108065
Artist rendering of the 2008 Lexus LX470

The engines are expected to be shared with the LS saloon. Most likely, the hybrid system equipping the LS 600H will also be featured on the LX. This assembly combines an all-new five-liter V8 petrol engine with massive, high-output electric motors and a newly designed large-capacity battery pack. It will deliver a peak, combined output of more than 430hp. The rest of the power plants will range from a V6 diesel to a V8 petrol power plant.

If rumors are confirmed the new Lexus LX should be ready for release some time in 2007 as 2008 year model.

2008 Lexus LX470
- image 108064
Lexus LX470


The original Lexus LX was launched in 1998 and produced with several minor upgrades ever since. It proved to be a success in the . For 2006, the first generation LX470 offers an 11-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Audio System, direct-type tire pressure monitoring system and redesigned 18-inch alloy wheels with a graphite finish and three new body colors.

The V8 engine on the LX 470 has now been equipped with Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), boosting horsepower from 235 to 275. VVT-i helps the engine perform as if it had a larger displacement, yet without the extra fuel consumption of a larger engine. The engine is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission

Lexus’ flagship SUV contains several safety systems, including front seat-mounted side airbags and front seat/second row side curtain airbags, a rear backup camera and an optional Night View System, which uses infrared technology to help enhance nighttime vision.

The LX 470 features body-on-frame construction, height-adjustable hydro pneumatic- assisted suspension and computer-controlled shock absorber damping. The double wishbone independent front suspension employs torsion bar springs for long wheel travel.

The adjustable suspension system has four settings. Setting ’2’ will work for most everyday driving conditions, setting ’1’ can be used for more comfort on bumpy roads, and settings ’3’ and ’4’ can be used when the vehicle is heavily loaded or when driving on unpaved roads.

No matter what suspension setting is on, the vehicle has at least 9.8-inches of ground clearance, though the driver can use Hydraulic Adjustable Height Control to raise it even more when going over particularly rough terrain.

The LX 470 incorporates a full-time four-wheel drive system with a center differential that distributes the power 50/50 front-to-rear. The system is always engages unless the driver needs to traverse steep off-pavement terrain, where he or she can then switch into low-range mode.

If you want to read, more on the 2006 Lexus LX 470 click here.

2008 Lexus LX470
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Lexus LX470

2008 Lexus LX470
- image 108062
2007 Mercedes GL-Class


One of the lastest additions to the luxury SUV market segment is the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. Available in five-and seven-seat cabin layouts, the GL-Class premium off-roader offers excellent handling both on and off-pavement.

A 4.6-liter, 335-horsepower V8 engine powers the 2007 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, matched to a seven-speed automatic transmission that drives all four wheels through the company’s 4Matic 4WD system. The hardware roster also includes a four-wheel-independent suspension, speed-sensitive steering, and 18-inch alloy wheels wearing 265/60 all-season tires. An Airmatic air suspension and adaptive damping shocks are optional. The 2007 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class is rated to tow up to 7,500 pounds, and if history is any indicator, a Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG is likely arriving in showrooms for 2008 or 2009.

Downhill Assist Regulation and Hill Start Assist technologies are standard on the 2007 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, while an Off-Road package includes a two-speed transfer case, front and rear locking differentials, and an air suspension that can raise the GL-Class an additional 12 inches to create a maximum fording depth of 23 inches.

Inside the 2007 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, leather and burl walnut wood dominate, and there is a standard power sunroof with a fixed glass panel located over the third-row seats. When the power split-folding third-row seats are not in use, the GL-Class can carry 43.8 cubic feet of cargo. Fold the second-row seats and it can manage up to 83 cubic feet of stuff. As with the M- and R-Class models, a long list of optional features including Premium, Sport, Comfort, and Entertainment packages is likely to be available, along with features such as a navigation system, satellite radio, and Keyless Go ignition.

With its poised, assured presence, the GL-Class leaves you in no doubt about its aspirations to conquer this market segment. The distinctive design idiom exudes power and exclusivity. Calm body surfaces, powerful, wedge-shaped features and striking details give the impression the luxury off-roader is surging forward even when stationary. The spacious body (length 5088 mm, width 1920 mm, height 1840 mm) is beautifully proportioned.

Click here if you need more information on the 2007 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.

2008 Lexus LX470
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2007 Range Rover

The reference when we’re talking for luxury vehicles for many years has been the Range Rover, and no car was able to prove itself a suitable substitute for that yet. By getting an all-new V8 diesel engine and many other significant enhancements, the 2007 Range Rover becomes a sophisticated luxurious and refined vehicle.

The turbocharged 272 bhp/PS (200 kw) TDV8 diesel is one of the most advanced engines that makes its debut in the Range Rover. It is 54 percent more powerful than the six-cylinder diesel it replaces, and it delivers 64% more torque with the same fuel economy. The designers believe that the TDV8 diesel makes Range Rover a desirable vehicle that will appeal to the customers who have never considered a diesel before.

Maximum torque is 640 Nm (472 lb.-ft.). This is maintained constantly from 2000 rpm to 2500 rpm, delivering effortless performance even at low engine speeds. Over 400 Nm of torque is available from just 1250 rpm – greater than the previous engine’s maximum torque of 390 Nm (288 lb.-ft.).

Twin variable nozzle turbochargers contribute to the huge torque of the V8 diesel, as does the relatively low 17.3:1 compression ratio. The 32-valve engine configuration allows for smooth high-revving assisting performance and on-road refinement.

The new Range Rover delivers more then performance and fuel economy – great comfort, huge carrying capacity, awesome off-road capacity and massive towing ability.

Compared to the previous diesel engine, acceleration is significantly improved: over 4 seconds has been cut from the 0-60 mph and 0-100 km/h times (now 8.5 sec. and 9.2 sec. respectively). Maximum speed is raised to 124 mph (200 km/h). in addition, the TDV8 is up to 75 percent quieter overall, more refined.

The engine exceeds EU4 emissions standards and fuel consumption is impressively low considering the performance: combined average fuel economy is 25.1 mpg (11.3 litres/100km); this is comparable to that of many petrol saloon cars.

A complete article on the 2007 Range Rover can be found here.

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  (1) posted on 09.9.2009

what is the price of lexsus lx470 ,2008 model

  (2) posted on 06.18.2007

also, please note "on the pictures some of the pictures have a mercedes benz or another little sign, (like saying L with a circle)

  (2) posted on 06.18.2007

umm...this looks more like a GX, because i have one...it looks almost identical, except i went to the dealer this morning and apperently, "They have restyled the LX"

  (1) posted on 05.10.2007


  (2) posted on 03.22.2007

I have own the brand new 2004 LX and still having it til now . I always hope the new look of LX much better , attractive and can’t wait to see it . If this photo is the new version of LX then Lexus really disappointed me

  (5990) posted on 12.1.2006

land rover is pos. my discovery 2 had a 60k service spent 2k on it and it broke down 2 days later after major maintance service.

  (5990) posted on 11.23.2006

this is GX470 not LX470

  (5990) posted on 11.21.2006

The new model reminds me of the parado the latest one is mutch better than the future one in my view its not a lx470 its just a bigger pardo.

  (5990) posted on 11.21.2006

I agree the present design is much better than the future one.

  (5990) posted on 11.17.2006

is just a photo must look better in real life i kinda like it, i bet it drives great

  (5990) posted on 11.13.2006

Range Rover The best car?
.... laughing...!!!!???
This is garbage and junk car,
does not keep value at all,and brakes like
no other car !!!

  (5990) posted on 11.10.2006

"The reference when we’re talking for luxury vehicles for many years has been the Range Rover..." What, were you born in a barn? Have you ever owned a Range Rover? I’ve owned two and not by choice. They both spent more time in repairs than they did on the road. This goes for anyone else on my street that owned one. Absolute garbage vehicles unworthy of any title purporting the word "luxury suv"; luxury in price only NOT in quality.

  (5990) posted on 11.4.2006

Shame on you guys for preporting such a poorly photoshopped GX470/LS460 mix as being the new LX.

This is NOT the new LX people, in fact there may not be a new LX at all, it may be an entirely different, and larger, vehicle based on the Toyota Sequoia. These clowns have no idea what they’re talking about.

  (5990) posted on 10.31.2006

I drive a 2006 LX470. I love the car but the big problem I have is leg room and I am only 6’ tall. I hope Lexus will allow an additional 4" or 5" in the 2008 or I will probably have to go with a GM product that has more space.

  (5990) posted on 10.28.2006

These are artist rendering guys...nothing more than an outsider’s best guess.

  (5990) posted on 10.26.2006

Did I see that right, V6 Diesel, that would be great if the MPG could be improved, presently my friend on a good days gets 13mpg in the city.

  (5990) posted on 10.25.2006

I think that these photo’s are likely freshened styling for the US GX470. Take a look at the green house, the hinged rear door, and the alloy wheels. All are common to the current GX470.

  (5990) posted on 10.25.2006

Frankly speaking the new design of lx470 is a total let down. i had higher expectations from lexus - toyota brands. but they have ruined the design of my dream suv. It reminds me of toyota prado except for the front headlines that 2 of ls430.

I strongly feel that the present design is much better than the future one. Ia m sure if this model is launched lexus can witness a drastic fall in the sales of lx.

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