The Japanese luxury automaker Lexus is planning to unveil the all new LF-Ch compact hybrid hatchback at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, the LF-Ch will compete head to head with other luxury compact models like the BMW 1 Series and the Audi A3. However what sets the Lexus apart from the crowd is that the production version will be offered exclusively as a hybrid.

2010 Lexus LF-Ch
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The Lexus LF-Ch combines stylish design cues with full hybrid technology in a practical 5 door compact package that should perfectly fulfill the needs of even the most demanding premium compact customers. The LF-Ch will feature a bolder Lexus grille that sits atop a deep, bulging front bumper complete with a trio of intakes giving it a perfect balance of both precision and power. The sharply sculpted, aerodynamic front fenders flow into the front bumper to create a wide set of arches and a deep set of brake cooling ducts that give the LF-Ch a powerful and purposeful stance.

The LF-Ch benefits from having an electric vehicle mode, a key aspect of the Lexus hybrid drive train, allowing the luxury hatch to operate as a zero emissions vehicle and allow for a virtually silent urban driving experience.

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Press release

Making its world debut at the Frankfurt motor show, the Lexus LF-Ch full hybrid concept is Lexus’s first approach to the competitive European premium compact segment.

2010 Lexus LF-Ch
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It reflects the growing demand for cars that are smaller and more fuel and CO2 efficient, but with no compromise in levels of refinement and driving pleasure. By next year the compact segment is expected to claim the largest share of the European premium car market.

The LF-Ch concept reaffirms Lexus’s commitment to Europe, combining compact dimensions, stylish five-door, full hybrid technology and low emissions to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements and to appeal to a new, younger generation of customers.

Exterior design

The LF-Ch concept presents a powerful evolution of Lexus’s L-finesse design philosophy. Rooted in Japanese culture, L-finesse is expressed in every aspect of the car, not only in the visual harmony between the interior and exterior design, but also in the combination of leading-edge engineering and technology with a user-friendly simplicity of function.

2010 Lexus LF-Ch
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The designers focused on the careful juxtaposition of opposing major and minor elements. Intriguing contrasts are created between the powerful, machine-like overall surfacing of the bodywork and the painstaking detail of even the smallest elements, creating a synergy between technologically driven design and a fluid, hand-sculpted quality.

A new, bolder Lexus grille design sits above a deep, full-width bumper and air dam, giving a perfect balance of precision and power. The sharply sculpted, aerodynamic front wings overlap the front bumper to create deep, front brake-cooling air intakes and give the LF-Ch a powerful and purposeful wide-track stance.

In profile, the tapered side glazing, a muscular, rising beltline and a sharply truncated rear overhang project the car’s premium compact character. The steeply raked windscreen, long flowing roofline, blacked-out B-pillars and rear doorhandles integrated in the C-pillar window trim combine to give the appearance of a sporting pillarless coupe.

2010 Lexus LF-Ch
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At the rear the trailing edge of the roof overhangs the rear window to create an integrated rear spoiler. The tailgate section has a pronounced step, which flows from the muscular wheelarches and is anchored by the wraparound tail lamp design. Aerodynamic detailing of the lower bumper smoothes airflow from beneath the car and feeds ventilation to the rear brakes.

Subtle finishing touches include discreet Lexus hybrid blue badging and sharply tapering chrome mouldings. The harmonious synergy of the design is further expressed in the contrasting, lively yellow exterior finish and calming blue interior illumination.

Interior design

The principles of L-finesse are carried through to the interior where again a powerful simplicity harmonises with hand-crafted quality in the detailing to create a calm, efficient and elegant design.

The cabin features a strongly asymmetric dashboard that is firmly driver-focused with outstanding ergonomics. The driver’s needs are seamlessly anticipated in several surprising elements, for example, when the car is started a greeting is presented on the navigation screen and an ambient lighting pattern appears in the headliner, creating a sophisticated lounge feel.

2010 Lexus LF-Ch
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Extensive use of semi-aniline leather, polished aluminium, wood and soft-touch materials reinforces the theme of harmonious contrast in the dashboard, door panels and seating. The design of the seats is inspired by high quality furniture, with exposed metal frames, lightweight leather and grained black wood used in inter-related layers, shaped to reflect the intrinsic nature of each material used.

The driving position is low and well-supported, with a wide-grip steering wheel with paddle shift controls and an instrument binnacle housing large twin dials embellished with a turbine motif.

To help keep the driver’s focus on the road ahead, distracting instrumentation and switchgear has been kept to a minimum by using Lexus Remote Touch controls, as first seen in the new RX 450h. Using a multi-information display on top of the dashboard, Remote Touch works like a computer mouse, letting the driver access control and customise a range of information, entertainment and vehicle set-up programmes.

As with every Lexus, hospitality is at the heart of the ownership experience. To this end, the LF-Ch’s comprehensive on-board entertainment package includes iPhone docking for rear seat passengers.

2010 Lexus LF-Ch
- image 319504

Powertrain and driving performance

Allied to a wide track, long wheelbase and low centre of gravity, the LF-Ch’s full hybrid powertrain is engineered to deliver all the performance customers expect from a premium compact hatchback, while at the same time returning low fuel consumption, CO2 and NOx emissions.

With the benefit of the full hybrid technology of Lexus Hybrid drive, the car can be driven in a fully electric EV mode, a power option that is not available to drivers of mild hybrids. This allows for urban driving with minimal noise and zero emissions.

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  (397) posted on 01.17.2012

this car looks really promising on both interior and exterior detailing. im very fond of yellow cars, they look very attractive and irresistible.

  (498) posted on 01.5.2012

Awesome! Anyway, I wonder if they already put this one on the market? Well, I hope that they really did. BTW, I must say that this LF-CH is absolutely an awesome vehicle for it truly has a perfect detailing.

  (320) posted on 01.5.2012

I love the sporty look of this LF-CH and also the color itself. The angst of the platform design is really impressive enough. The interior is kinda impressive either.

  (647) posted on 12.23.2011

I am captivated by its looks, I love yellow colors and this Lexus LF-Ch looks very attractive on its yellow platform! Aside from this I was impressed by its interior design that appears cozy and elegant. I just hope that its performance is as attractive as its design. smiley

  (594) posted on 12.9.2011

I love the aggressiveness of this LF-Ch, and I have to agree that it looks more attractive and lovely on its yellow body paint. However, I wonder if what’s the engine specification of this vehicle?

  (365) posted on 08.31.2011

I love the sporty look of this LF-CH and also the color itself. The angst of the platform design is really impressive enough. The interior is kinda impressive either.

  (1211) posted on 07.14.2011

I barely see yellow cars on the road and when I see one it really catches my attention. For me, cars painted in a color yellow are pretty like on this one, the design from interior and exterior are making it a complete packaged.

  (814) posted on 03.10.2010

Lovely looking hatchback, well comparing it to a3, LF-Ch has more killer look and more futuristic appearance.

  (442) posted on 02.18.2010

well hybrid is good, not only i helps the environment it also helps it’s owner to save a lot of money, hopefully they’ll put this into production, it lookg aggressive and sporty due to its hatchback trim.

  (797) posted on 01.27.2010

I never knew that Lexus have this HB car which can compete to other car with same designs. The interior and the speed of the car is awesome. Another must have car!

  (1022) posted on 01.18.2010

Hatches are the highlights of the car industry today, this can be included into Hot Hatches today sexy and bold body trims.

  (1022) posted on 09.14.2009

Wow. Thanks Uncia. That was a really useful piece of information. Its actually pretty funny when most people say Camrys are boring.

  (868) posted on 09.12.2009

Here’s an interesting fact for anyone who thinks that Japanese cars don’t offer great performance:

With a starting price of just over 25K, the Toyota Camry V6’s $94.46 per horsepower ratio is the world’s best.

  (17) posted on 09.10.2009

Passion is a function largely shaped by marketing. The Japanese haven’t invested a whole lot developing "passion" for their products via advertising because they were busy revealing verifiable truths - namely reliability and cost effectiveness. They’re guilty of nothing more than having faith that if you build a great car, passion will take care of itself. Clearly some of the most enthusiastic folks to be found are crazy for their Supra or GTR or RX7 or NSX or EVO X or STI or ... If only U.S. auto management had the same insight, we may well not be in the mess we’re in - even a redneck can understand that.

  (1022) posted on 09.10.2009

Rubiboy, Iam truly sorry that you need an expensive car to impress chicks.

And redneck is a term used for people who worship American cars, not Japanese cars dumba$$.

And whats with the "dude" "jaja". Are you trying to be a pimp or something?

  (238) posted on 09.10.2009

haha, indeed. I can’t imagine he knows anything a thing about cars.

BMWM6  (486) posted on 09.10.2009

its all cool natarade

and yes this rubiboy does have problems


BMWM6  (238) posted on 09.10.2009

indeed. I never meant to bash about bmw’s. They don;t all look the same. Rubiboy just has no business being on this site and didn;t know what he was talking about so i blew up. BMW’s are all unique in their own way. so my apologies BMWM6

BMWM6  (486) posted on 09.10.2009

@ natarade

BMWs dont always look the same

sure they have the grille often but thats somewhat like a trade mark

as for the halo lights that looks really good but as for what you said the casing of the lights is diffrent just they all use the halo system

it lights saying all car lights look the same because they have halogen bulbs.

I understand your not a bmw hater but one quick pont is that the m3 is way beter than the is-f on the track and on the road

as to everyone else one word that should change alot is


japanes are really good quality cars

as a race car i would take japanes with a few exceptions

but for daily driving If i could afford a european car such as a BMW I would buy it

because well first I probably am biased to my favorite company

but second is as a luxury maker I think europeans are the best
although the LS is a really good car but I would take the 7 series

both ways I would never imagine myself in a 7 series or a LS there not my type

BMWM6  (14) posted on 09.10.2009

jaja you are the guy that got no idea of cars you are a poor guy that will never be able to go to a nice car dealer and pay the full amount right there so i will just ignore assho les like you dude

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