Who said green cars can’t have their ‘cool’ cakes and eat them too?
More often filed under the ‘plain and bland-looking’ category, hybrids aren’t often considered as boasting of cutting-edge aesthetics. Fortunately, there are events like SEMA wherein an otherwise mundane-looking vehicle can be given an aggressive makeover.

Take for example this Lexus LS 600h L by Brian Fox’s Fox Marketing. Suffice to say, there’s nothing mundane about this Lexus hybrid. For starters, it comes with a fiberglass aerokit that includes bumpers, fenders, and side skirts courtesy of Artisan Spirits. The package also includes HID fog lights, smoked tailights, and deck wings on the roof and the rear of the vehicle. There’s also the addition of some snazzy-looking 20-inch rims and a hotness-personified Glacier Green paint scheme.

The Fox-tuned LS 600h L is set to take the stage at SEMA and unlike the traditional bombastic cars that are regulars at the show, this car takes the more conservative approach but does so in a manner that it should catch its share of attention from the patrons. After all, there’s still something to be said for tuned-up cars that don’t go screaming ‘Look at me!’ to get some attention.

This is one of them.


Source: Car Domain

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  (19) posted on 10.27.2010


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