Just when you thought the Lexus CT200h wasn’t going to get another race-inspired version, the people over at Gazoo Racing have unveiled their own racing version of the compact sports hybrid. Seems appropriate considering that Gazoo Racing isn’t a stranger to Lexus race cars, counting the LF-A supercar as one of the racers in its stable.

As for the CT200h, Gazoo Racing will be entering it into the SP4 Class of the Adenauer ADAC Rundstrecken-Trophy - a six-hour endurance race at the Nurburgring that will be attended by around 200 other cars. Piloting the Gazoo Racing CT during the endurance race will be the three-man team of Kumi Sato, Masahiko Kageyama, and Minoru Takaki.

To give the CT200h the proper race specs, Gazoo Racing went to work on the car’s performance attributes, opting against using the 1.8 liter VVT-I petrol engine that comes with the standard version of the CT200h and instead using a much larger 2.4-liter version with an electric motor, a generator, a high performance battery, a power control unit, and a power split device. During start-ups and braking, the CT200h will only use its electric motor, saving all the energy expended by the VVT-I engine for higher speeds. Even more impressive about the car is that it will require less fuel and will emit less carbon dioxide and NOx gases compared to all other race cars of its class.


Source: Lexus Enthusiast

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  (647) posted on 12.23.2011

I don’t think that the engine of this car is powerful enough. And heck! Are they trying to commit a suicide..why there’s a Nox gases on this car?

  (569) posted on 12.5.2011

It looks so attractive on its graphic design, but I don’t like the fact that it is a hybrid race car. I don’t think the electric motor would really work for a sports car instead it would only become a hassle on it.

  (448) posted on 11.15.2011

This racing vehicle is truly looks so cute on its platform and with its graphic design! Well, this one would really stand out when it comes into a good-looking race car, but I noticed that it is too expensive. smiley

  (474) posted on 07.27.2011

Although this car is eco-friendly, we couldn’t admit that it has a freaking high price tag! BTW, are they serious in using a Nox for the vehicle? It seems that driver is attempting a suicidal act!

  (484) posted on 07.27.2011

Wow! For a racing car this vehicle, the car looks so sporty. However, I wonder on what was the engine performance of the car? BTW, hybrid vehicle is the best option for fuel economy vehicle.

  (449) posted on 06.21.2011

If not mistaken this car has won an award..( I just don’t remember) Anyway, I don’t think that it would be a good idea to use a hybrid car in a racing event. I have feeling that this is just a sort of advert for green cars.

  (341) posted on 06.21.2011

I still don’t get the concept of the hybrid racing car and what does the NOx gases doing in this car? Isn’t kind of dangerous or they are going to use this technique to make it run a little faster. Is it allowed in an official race?

  (592) posted on 05.27.2011

Well, I think they did a good one on setting up the power distribution for the car. Designating the motor for the start ups is good move, since it would save up power on the engine.

  (427) posted on 05.26.2011

Well, for a car dubbed as a racing model, this particular CT 200h actually has a bit of a shortcoming in terms of performance. I wish they could have added a bit more power on the engine.

  (1211) posted on 05.26.2011

I am really quite amazed at the amount of equipment that they were able to put into the car. They were able to pretty much covered with all the add ons that they will be including here.

  (619) posted on 05.25.2011

Yeah, I would agree with that assessment. CT 200h in fact has quite a lot of power despite it being a hybrid, which is very suitable for races.

  (412) posted on 05.25.2011

Well, I am not really that surprised that the CT 200h is getting all that racing treatment. The car is actually very much suitable for such an event. For one, the car really handles well.

  (334) posted on 05.25.2011

Well, this is first time that I have heard that a car manufacturer has introduced in using the Nox gases, they are quite helpful for the boost speed but I think its kind of dangerous.

  (599) posted on 05.25.2011

Are they trying to make a racing car that was powered with hybrid? hmm. I don’t think that the engine of this car is powerful enough. And heck! Are they trying to commit a suicide..why there’s a Nox gases on this car?

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