One of the most impressive vehicles displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon was the Lexus IS F Circuit Club Sports Racer (CCS-R), and if anyone thinks it looks a bit familiar then they would be right. Seen as a concept at last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, the CCS-R is making its comeback in a more production ready form.

The Lexus IS-F Circuit Club Sports Racer upgrades the standard sports car by changing all of its major components like the exterior, interior, and engine. It has been given the full on carbon fiber treatment and has also received a power boost to boot! Since no racer is complete without an additional racing overhaul, Lexus has made sure that the IS-F received all of the necessary components to keep the vehicle safely on the track, including a unique frame-less construction roll cage.

All in all, this version of the Lexus IS-F Circuit Club Sports Racer hasn’t changed all that much from the concept that was shown last year, but we still can’t help but ogle it just as we did last year.

More details on the Lexus IS-F CCS-R after the jump.

Exterior and Interior

For the exterior, the CCS-R adds a arbon hood, trunk lid, front fender, front and rear spoiler, roof ventilator, and polycarbonate window.

The interior also received an impressive update. It gets a carbon fiber dash, center console, door trim, and package tray trim, as well as a six point seat belt and a short diameter steering wheel with paddle shift.

The car is performance-engineered, too, with a racing suspension, brakes, cooling and exhaust, plus a mechanical limited-slip differential and forged alloys shod with slick tires. And finally there is a unique frameless construction roll cage. And if you add that impressive orange exterior pain combined with the black carbon hood you will surely get an IS-F that has never been seen before. Well, except for the concept displayed at last year’s Tokyo show of course.

2010 Lexus IS-F Circuit Club Sport Concept

2010 Lexus IS-F Circuit Club Sport Concept Exterior
- image 342862


The Lexus IS-F CCS-R carries the same engine as in the standard sports car - a 5.0 Liter V8 to be exact - but thanks to the added carbon fiber, the car now only weighs 3,086lbs. This weight reduction allows the car to produce 417hp and 373 lb-ft of torque.

When Can I Get One

Considering this is the second year the Lexus IS-F CCS-R has been featured at the Tokyo Motor Show, we would bet money that a racing version of the IS-F is somewhere along Lexus’ future. Heck, considering not much changed from last year to this year, we wouldn’t be surprised if this exact setup made it to the track. Here’s to hoping!

2010 Lexus IS-F Circuit Club Sport Concept

2010 Lexus IS-F Circuit Club Sport Concept Exterior
- image 342863
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  (1211) posted on 05.26.2011

I really haven’t seen a lot of IS-F racers lately, so this one will definitely be a good refresher. I like the combination of orange and red on the body, and the performance figures are also good.

  (334) posted on 02.9.2011

This package is over all perfect,The image itself is pretty cool,Looks that the speed capacity is great also.

  (714) posted on 02.2.2011

I must say this type of car is for sporty events that’s really nice,very awesome!

  (157) posted on 01.20.2011

Its just given special F-Sport guise that had a series of sporting accessories including alloy wheels, a body kit by Modellista and Recaro sports seats.

  (743) posted on 01.20.2011

Performance wise, the CCS-R came fitted with racing suspension, brakes, cooling and exhaust, plus a mechanical limited-slip differential and forged alloys shod with slick tires.

  (714) posted on 01.20.2011

Its a great combination of colors a black and orange really signifies the captivating and mostly driven crazy for the demands and expectations of customers.

  (701) posted on 01.19.2011

well this version has a lot of carbon fiber details which every racer loves, likewise the bonnet and spoiler. but that’s the main highlight of this car.

  (806) posted on 01.19.2011

amazing, this car present more active and athletic image with a touch of luxury sedan, and probably be a perfect for the track and enthusiasts.

  (807) posted on 01.18.2011

the vehicle is estimated to cost $670,000 and will have a V8 engine making 600-hp. This latest report made no indication that it would be a race car, as rumored.

  (780) posted on 01.18.2011

The original concept made use of a high-tech hybrid system that combined a 500-hp 3.4-liter V8 borrowed from the RS Spyder race cars and matched it with 218-hp of electric thrust.

  (80) posted on 01.18.2011

What i don’t like about the IS-F apart from the fact that it doesn’t come with a proper manual transmission, is the bulb on the bonet, that they had to make in order to fit in the V8 engine. The 250/350 on the other hand are beautiful cars.

  (151) posted on 01.18.2011

What are for, those sharp additions to the spoiler? To cut the naughty pedestrians? lol

  (111) posted on 01.18.2011

250 and 350 are my favorite designs in Lexus. The rest of them, I think they are little to no aggressive at all.

  (309) posted on 01.17.2011

agree it’s just like the model before but the engine is fully enhanced, plus the kits are already made of carbon fibers and the hood is all made of carbon. they also added a front lip to give some more grip on track.

  (291) posted on 01.17.2011

I see nothing special about this car, its just an over-tuned Lexus IS, I really don’t know the purpose of this car if it is a drift car or a circuit car but one thing’s for sure, it can beat the hell of out of its competitor.

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