Japanese automakers seem to be unstoppable even after their country has been stricken by the horrendous natural disasters as of late. These ambitious companies are still plowing full steam ahead with even better versions of their vehicles. Recently, we reported on the 2013 Nissan GT-R and its impressive output of 560 HP, and now it seems as if Lexus is hard at work as well with a more powerful version of their LF-A supercar.

Rumors spinning the mill suggest that after all 500 units of the current LFA are sold, the company will bring out an even hotter variant of the existing model. It is not certain whether this will be a new generation LFA, but Japanese magazine, Best Car, is reporting it as the LF-A II. Whatever it is, the new LF-A will continue where the LF-A Nurburgring Edition left off by adding even more power and sportiness to the car. This would mean the new LFA will have more than 562 HP and will complete the 0-60 mph sprint in less than 3.7 seconds. Top speed should also exceed the Nurburgring model’s 210 mph.


Source: Best Car

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  (569) posted on 12.5.2011

Its front design is what I really love the most on it. It was oozing with angst and aggressiveness on that. However, I don’t think that 560 hp is already good enough for this sports vehicle.

  (448) posted on 11.15.2011

It is already looking great on its sleek orange body paint, the color that, I never thought could bring an elegant appearance on a vehicle, but looking at this LF-A, I must say that it looks so perfect on that.

  (449) posted on 10.12.2011

I didn’t expect that orange body paint can give some classy appearance of a car but well, on this LF-A II it really looks so sophisticated on that and 560 horsepower is quite impressive on this one.

  (397) posted on 07.18.2011

Japan is standing on their own feet after the natural disasters they had encountered. It’s a good thing that they thought about upgrading the car. This could be absolutely lined up as a super car.

  (119) posted on 07.15.2011

Finally. A car with such a high price tag was being beaten by cars with a fraction of the price. So its bout time for some improvements and revision.

  (340) posted on 06.9.2011

So, are they confirming that there is indeed an LF-A II in development? Well, that one is certainly a nice thing to hear. I was really looking forward to this car.\

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