• 2016 Lexus LC 500 by Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing

First custom project for the LC 500 sets the bar high for the others to follow

The first time for anything is always tricky because there’s no precedent to compare it to. For some, that might be a challenge, but for others, it’s an opportunity to set the bar high. Take what you will from that, but it’s important to remember that in the course of 10 months since the Lexus LF C broke cover at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, the sports car has yet to be customized in an aftermarket setting. Well, that all changed at the 2016 SEMA Auto Show when Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing presented the very first custom project for the LF C.

It seems appropriate that Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing was the first to do it. After all, this is the same tuner that presented a tuning program for the GS F during last year’s SEMA show. It’s worth noting too that this kit for the LF C is far more comprehensive than the mostly cosmetic work done on the GS F a year ago. This program has it all; it’s got exterior upgrades, interior refinements, and engine modifications. The tuner even worked on the coupe’s suspension and added a new set of wheels and tires for good measure.

Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing indicated that it wanted to give the LF C a race-inspired look and feel to it and to that extent, it’s hard to argue with the results. Sure, it got some help from a number of collaborators, but in the end, we’ll remember this program – the first custom program for the LF C – as the work of Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing.

That in itself is not a surprise, as is the distinction that comes with being the first tuner to present a program for the Lexus LF C.

Continue reading to learn more about the Lexus LC 500 by Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing.


With the status that comes with building the “world’s first customized LC 500,” the team at Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing went to great lengths to collaborate with fellow aftermarket companies and the exterior program for the sports coupe is an embodiment of that. Take for example the aerodynamic kit. The components were prepared by Signature Autobody and includes custom fender flares, diffusers on the front and rear ends, side skirts, and a custom rear wing. The result is a vastly more dynamic LC 500 that has a little racing feel to it, thanks to the presence of those diffusers and side skirts. Adding more flamboyance to the exterior is an exclusive Gloss Yellow body wrap courtesy of Avery Dennison, the same company that’s known for consumer goods packaging.

The components were prepared by Signature Autobody and includes custom fender flares, diffusers on the front and rear ends, side skirts, and a custom rear wing.

Finishing off the exterior look of the LC 500 is a new set of 22-inch satin charcoal-finished HRE wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Nero tires. Peaking from behind the tires but no less functional are the new Brembo brakes with calipers that are color-coordinated with the wheels.


2018 Lexus LC 500 High Resolution Interior
- image 661494

Note: Standard Lexus LC 500 interior shown here.

There are no photos of the interior so we’re just going to have to take Lexus and Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing’s words for it. Apparently, the modifications extend inside the cabin too and they’re fairly significant, to say the least. The first item on the list are the new seats, which are now made from carbon fiber, all thanks to Sparco. The other notable item is the race cage supplied by Evasive Motorsport. That means that the rear section of the cabin has been completely retrofitted to accommodate the safety cage. The GT3-spec work on the cabin concludes with a custom interior.


2018 Lexus LC 500 High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 661492

Note: Standard Lexus LC 500 drivetrain pictured here.

This is where the Lexus LC 500’s program really makes a name for itself because Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing put in a lot of work to get the power of the V-8 engine to 525 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque. The first thing it did, with the help of Club DSPORT and F1 engine builder Magnus Ohlaker, was increase the engine’s displacement from the stock 5.0 liters to 5.6 liters. The cylinder bore was also enlarged from 3.7 inches to 3.9 inches to accommodate the bigger engine displacement. Custom Moly-2000 Amphibian sleeves from LA Sleeve and Carrillo 4340 H-beam connecting rods finish off the upgrades to the now larger 5.6-liter V-8, resulting in the aforementioned power increase that’s 58 ponies and 49 pound-feet of torque more than the standard output of 467 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque. The 525-horsepower and 440-pound-feet of torque numbers are pretty sweet for the LC 500, but here’s the rub: Lexus says that the modified engine is actually good for over 900 horsepower so there’s really no telling what kind of output it can have if the people behind it squeezed every ounce of power it could out of that engine.


2016 Lexus LC 500 by Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing High Resolution Exterior
- image 693872

For a first time kit on the Lexus LC 500, this is about as good as it gets. It’s a complete overhaul of the most important things about a car that already looks and performs well. That’s what you want from a tuner, especially one that has made a career out of building programs for Lexus models. The only downside to this program is that we’re not going to see it built on a large scale. The best thing, at this point, is to hope that Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing builds this kit on a per-request basis. We can still hope and dream, right?

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Press Release

A racing-inspired version of the Lexus LC 500, created by Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing, debuted today at the 2016 SEMA Show. The world’s first customized LC 500 features aerodynamic body work, upgraded suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, and new interior executed by Evasive Motorsports and an engine build imagined by Hard Media, Inc. and D SPORT Magazine, turning the Lexus 5.0-L V8 engine, which is also shared with RC F and GS F, into a 5.6-L with 525 horsepower.

One of the major challenges presented by this first modified Lexus LC coupe was that the project started with an early developmental prototype a full year before the vehicle hit the market with zero accessory and aftermarket support. Using a very early vehicle, Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing were able to work with their partners to help drive development of the first body kit, performance suspension and brake kits for this new model which could be on the market in spring of 2017 when the LC goes on sale.

2016 Lexus LC 500 by Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing High Resolution Exterior
- image 693874

“The LC 500 looks beautiful and has a fantastic foundation of performance and driving characteristics,” said Gordon Ting, Beyond Marketing. “I wanted to use that groundwork to develop a high-performance, aggressive-looking LC 500 that is tough yet luxurious, and has serious chops thanks to the custom engine.”

The body of the LC 500 was prepped by Signature Autobody for the Avery Dennison Gloss Yellow wrap. Aerodynamic upgrades include an Artisan Spirit Custom Lexus LC Kit, featuring custom fender flares, a front diffuser, side skirts, a rear diffuser and rear wing. KW Suspension featuring a Hydraulic Lift System with a height adjustable spring kit rounds out the performance enhancements. The four corners of the vehicle feature 22” HRE P101 wheels in satin charcoal with Pirelli P Zero Nero Tires, and are accented by Brembo brakes with a custom caliper color. Carbon fiber Sparco race seats accompany the Evasive Motorsports GT3 spec race interior and safety cage.

2016 Lexus LC 500 by Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing High Resolution Exterior
- image 693873

In the LC500, the Lexus 5.0-L naturally aspirated V8 engine offers 471 horsepower and 398 lb.-ft of torque. For the modified LC 500, Club DSPORT increased the displacement to 5.6-L, and increased the cylinder bore to 99.5mm (as compared to 94mm) for 525 horsepower. Custom Moly-2000 Amphibian Sleeves from LA Sleeve were used to increase the bore size while custom CP Pistons and Carrillo connecting rods were engineered to perform up to 9,000rpm. The design, machining and assembly of the engine was done in-house at Club DSPORT’s engine development facility. The work was performed by Magnus Ohlaker, who has 20 years of experience building championship winning F1 and Indycar engines. While not exploited at this juncture, the power handling capabilities of the 2UR-GSE engine have been more than doubled.

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