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April Fools' 2016 – Recap

April Fools’ 2016 – Recap

The industry loosens its tie for a little four-wheeled silliness

These days, it can be a little tricky figuring out when something is real and when someone is just messing with you. Sometimes it’s obvious, but other circumstances warrant a careful second look. That’s doubly the case on April 1st. Of course, the auto industry loves chain yanking, but when you have 1,500-horsepower production cars and Maserati SUVs running around, it’s always a good idea to double check. But don’t worry – we found the best automotive April Fools’ pranks, and we assembled them all right here for you in this recap.

Included is a driverless RV, a pair of highly desirable Minis, a kinetically powered Vauxhall, a very expressive Honda, a smoke machine Nissan cargo van, and Lexus’ latest interior upgrade, not to mention the hottest minivan to ever grace a suburban driveway. In fact, looking over a few of these “jokes,” I can’t help but see some excellent real-world applications…

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Lexus Launches V-LCRO Technology

Lexus Launches V-LCRO Technology

Bringing hook-and-loop fasteners to the track

As performance cars are becoming quicker and more powerful, automakers are spending quite a lot of time and money developing driver seats that enhance the connection between man and machine. Have you noticed how seat bolstering grows slightly bigger with each new update on supercars or beefed-up sedans and coupes wearing the iconic "M" and "AMG" badges? Well, the next Lexus RC F might not need an upgrade in that department as the Japanese brand has launched a technology that promises to allow the driver to take turns more aggressively without relying on the latest race-spec.

The new performance feature is dubbed V-LCRO, which stands for Variable Load Coupling Rear Orientation, and employs a technology that’s over 75 years old. Specifically, these new seats are lined with Velcro, the fabric with hook-and-loop fasteners known for their use in the clothing industry. Velcro isn’t exactly new to automobile as it has already been used to bond headliners, floor mats, and speaker covers, but it’s the first time an automaker turns it into a performance-enhancing feature.

Lexus says that the V-LCRO system is designed to hold the driver in place at up to three Gs in any direction. There is a downside however. The driver needs to wear a specially designed suit with a complex pattern of hooks and loops. The technology has already been tested with great results by professional racing driver Scott Pruett: "The beauty of this technology is its simplicity. With V-LCRO, Lexus has created an unprecedented connection between driver and vehicle, and the impact on the track has been phenomenal."

The V-LCRO system was designed for both the RC F and GS F high-performance models and will become available as an option, together with a line of exclusive custom-tailored suits.

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