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Lincoln Will Rebadge Ford's Mustang-Based EV and Still Make it Undeniably a Lincoln

Lincoln Will Rebadge Ford’s Mustang-Based EV and Still Make it Undeniably a Lincoln

Yup, We Will Have An Electric Lincoln, Probably In 2020

I know this title could give some ‘Stang lovers diarrhea, but you’ve read that right. First of all, there will be a rebadged Mustang-inspired EV Crossover by Ford, and then Lincoln will use the same platform to create its own car.

That’s the order of things nowadays, and we should actually be happy. Team Edison, a team Jim Hackett formed when he was appointed as Head of Ford, looks for a number of ways to create a sustainable EV business case and cool cars/crossovers at that. Actually, Ford plans to invest 10 billion of its money in EV research and development by 2022. That’s a lot of money spent fast. Something magical could come out of all of that.

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1949 Lincoln Mercury Coupe EV by ICON

1949 Lincoln Mercury Coupe EV by ICON

A classic, sleeper car with an EV powertrain

We see a lot of restomods where people or companies thump new engines into classic cars. But how about putting an electric powertrain into a vintage car? This is not a new concept; in fact, there are quite a few companies who have been working on this for quite some time now. The conversion companies were in a large number even in the last century, and a perfect testament for this would be the formation of the Electric Auto Association back in 1967. However, this takes a lot of skill, money, and precise execution. One such classic car fanatic company, which has done many conversions in the past, is ICON; and this time, the company has turned a 1949 Mercury Coupe into an EV.

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