I think we can agree that cars and girls go quite well together. Sometimes, even more so than one might expect. There are more than a few examples of influential women in the car scene, whether it’s in motorsports or automotive media.

Faye Hadley, also known as the automotive technician from All Girls Garage, is one such example. Between being a car mechanic, entrepreneur, co-star in a TV car show, and a teacher, Faye is one of the most diverse and interesting car people. And although there is an undeniable charm to a woman who’s not afraid to get some grease under her fingernails, this begs the question, how did she get where she is, and what makes her tick? Here are a couple of facts you may not know about this charming car girl.

Faye Hadley’s age

One’s birthday is as trivial as information can be. Nevertheless, it is a curious thing to know. Faye Hadley is born in the USA on the 25th of September 1986, which makes her 34 years old, at the time this article is being written.

She has a degree in Psychology from Harvard

Faye knew, from an early age, she wanted to work on cars. Something she found out from as early as middle school. Her dad had a Ph.D. from MIT and despite her passion being cars and mechanics, when she was accepted into Harvard, she felt, she needed to go. This resulted in her getting a degree in Psychology, at the age of 22.

She worked as a licensed therapist for a while

After getting her degree in Psychology from Harvard, she went on to work as a licensed therapist. She was good at her job but wasn’t happy. Her mother noticed that and motivated her to follow her dreams. Following this, Faye put in a two-week notice and resigned from her job, after which she relocated to Portland, where she would spend the next 10 years.

Faye Hadley’s husband

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Hopefully I don't look as tired as I feel 😅 (thanks killer lighting and amazing behind the scenes make-up lady, Janice!!😃) but WHOA! Still feeling like I got run over by a train after last week's insanity! So glad to be back on set of @allgirlsgarage for a little bit of a "break" from my hectic life as @bogisgarage and I tackle some more crazy projects and try to fit all the details into 22 minute episodes! I can't wait for this week's projects to air already; we are working on some really rad cars and despite how exhausted I am, the level of enthusiasm that I have for these jobs gives me a strange burst of energy and enthusiasm on set 😁 I hope y'all will love these as much as I do! . . . . . #Motortrend #MotortrendTV #MotortrendApp #AGG #AllGirlsGarage #BehindTheScenes #BTS #MotorTrendShows #MotorTrendTV #AutomotiveTV #AutomotiveDIY #MechanicsOnTV #ToyotaTechnician #ToyotaSpecialist #WomenWhoWrench #WrenchTherapy #GirlsWhoWorkOnCars #FemaleMechanic #LadyMechanic #GirlsWhoLoveCars #GirlsWhoFixCars #GirlMechanic #AllGirlsGarage #FayeHadley #HappiestMechanic #TheHappiestMechanic #PistonsAndPixieDust

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Faye Hadley is undeniably hot, so it shouldn’t be a surprise, she is in a happy relationship. The All Girls Garage star is happily married to Brandon Hadley, who is a wood artist. They started dating in late 2015 and eventually got married on the 25th of September 2016 - the same date as her birthday. Before they started dating, they used to be best friends. They are now happily married. Their numerous Instagram photos are proof of their amazing companionship.

She is a road trip enthusiast

One day, while going home after school, she stumbled upon a Volkswagen Golf GTI with an Alaska license plate. She spoke with the owner of the car, who was on a cross-country tour around the U.S. This, in turn, ignited a passion. She managed to get all 12 credits from university, which apparently was enough, after which she bought a similar Volkswagen and went on a road trip of her own, which was the first of many.

Faye did an unpaid internship in a Volkswagen repair shop so she ccoul fix her car

That road trip we mentioned earlier must have been an epic one, because as soon as she got back from it, the engine of the Golf gave out.

After it blew up, Faye couldn’t afford to fix it, so she did an unpaid internship in a Volkswagen repair shop.

In return, she got a place where she could work on her own car, whenever she had time. This is where she learned how to fix her blown engine, bringing the small German hatchback back to life.

Her first love was Gaia

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My crazy week is ending with flying back out to @allgirlsgarage to wrench on some more rad projects!! Although nothing beats working on the Supra, it'll be nice to give the palms and fingers a break from endless sanding😬 who knew I'd be reliving 2015 all over again?! Well, I guess it's better than 2020😅☝🏻 . . . . #Motortrend #MotortrendTV #MotortrendApp #AGG #AllGirlsGarage #BehindTheScenes #BTS #MotorTrendShows #MotorTrendTV #AutomotiveTV #AutomotiveDIY #MechanicsOnTV #ToyotaTechnician #ToyotaSpecialist #WomenWhoWrench #WrenchTherapy #GirlsWhoWorkOnCars #FemaleMechanic #LadyMechanic #GirlsWhoLoveCars #GirlsWhoFixCars #GirlMechanic #AllGirlsGarage #FayeHadley #HappiestMechanic #TheHappiestMechanic #PistonsAndPixieDust

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In life, quite often something or someone becomes your signature. Something you are defined or recognized by. In the case of Faye, it was an old 1980 diesel VW Rabbit (Golf in Europe). The car was abandoned and neglected when it was found, but Faye gave it some love and a second chance in life, after 10 years of sitting in a barn, gathering rust and dust. It’s safe to say, this was the barn find of her life. She, of course, modified it in her own image, gathering inspiration from one of her favorite movies – “The love bug” (1969), which featured probably the most famous VW Bug of all time – Kirby.

She met her mentor at a car meet

In the early 2000s, VW Rabbits were not a common sight, as many have fallen victim to heavy winters, rusted away or simply “died of old age”. So seeing one still being daily driven, sparked up an interest. Not long after, she was invited by the local VW club and started attended meetings. On one of these meetings she met, Jesse, who became her mentor. Because of this, she acquired all the skills she needed to perform an engine swap. The old VW Rabbit, named Gaia, received a 2.0-liter engine from a 130,000-mile Golf, which cost Faye 200 USD.

She became a teacher in San Antonio so she can make friends

According to Faye, she never intended to be a mobile mechanic in the beginning. She actually had another job, which involved testing engines for the Government. It involved EPA, fuel, oil, coolant testing, and others. Although she was working with engines, she did not find purpose there, and the job was quite solitary. She missed connecting with people, and since she had prior teaching experience, she decided to do the same in San Antonio. She did automotive, as she not only likes fixing cars but also loves educating people on why their car behaves the way it does. Something she missed having before. Her work as a mobile mechanic really took off when people attending her classes started asking her to work on their personal cars. Eventually, she opened “Pistons and Pixie dust” – her very own repair shop.

She became the Awkward Third Wheel” in the All Girls Garage TV show

One of the things Faye Hadley is most known for is her role in All Girls Garage – a show that initially aired on Discovery Channel, about three women working on cars, showcasing their expertise and giving useful DIY tips for car repairs or project cars.

The All Girls Garage location is a repair shop in Phoenix, Arizona.

But not just any repair shop. It’s owned by Sarah Bogi - one of the stars in the show. The show first aired on the 3rd of March 2012. Through casting, Faye came to the show, in the place of former co-host, Rachel De Barros. Although she wasn’t starring from the beginning of the show, Faye is now more than 20 episodes in and fits in perfectly.


How old is Faye Hadley?

Faye Hadley is born on the 25th of September 1986. She is currently 34 years old.

Who is Faye Hadley?

Faye Hadley is a Co-Host of All Girls Garage and co-founder of Woman and Machine. She also carries out workshops for women, focused on buying and selling cars, as well as useful repair and maintenance tips.

When did Faye Hadley join All Girls Garage?

She joined the show in 2017, during its second season.

Is Faye Hadley married?

She is happily married to Brandon Hadley. They got married on the 25th of September 2016.

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