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There are a lot of things you don’t know about one of the most famous female personalities in the auto world

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Cristy Lee is arguably one of the most famous women in the auto industry. As one-third of Motor Trend’s All Girls Garage show — she was until her departure from the show this year — Lee has become a staple in the heart and minds of car enthusiasts for a long time.

Lee is undoubtedly one of the most interesting personalities in today’s automotive scene. But as popular as she is — and she’s very popular — there are parts of her life that not everyone knows about. Part of that is because of her preference to keep her life private, but even if she tries to do that, she’s so popular that it’s hard to keep the lid of her personal life closed. Here are some things you didn’t know about Cristy Lee…until now.

Her fire got lit at the ripe old age of three

Her love for anything related to cars is well-known, and she doesn’t just talk the talk about her passion; Lee is a constant presence in the auto world. She’s been to almost every automotive show in North America. She’s hosted several shows and events for the biggest automakers in the world. Most important of all, she knows her way around cars, maybe even more than most people.

Cristy Lee’s passion for anything with wheels is evident in how that has shaped her career and her life. But every passion has its roots, and Lee’s roots can be traced back to her childhood. At just three years old, Lee’s father began taking her on trips in his dirt bike. Sure, it’s probably not the best age to start riding shotgun on a dirt bike, but ever the lover of wheels, Lee has a different take on her father’s child-rearing methods. "He had a dirtbike, and he used to take me around on it when I was the ripe age of three, which obviously seems like the best thing to do for a three-year-old child,” Lee told cruisnews.com last year.

Before she found her passion for cars, Lee worked the TV and commercial route when she was younger

In the same interview with cruisnews.com, Lee admitted that she started as a model and actor during her formative years in show business. She started doing the TV and commercial circuit at a young age. She even made a brief appearance on the set of the 1997 show Wild On. It wasn’t until 2013, though, when Lee was tapped to host the Tunnel of Fire TV Special, starring daredevil Clint Ewing. Lee has since become a staple on television after that initial hosting gig.

Lee is a seasoned veteran in the world of real estate

Before earning her keep as one of the most prominent female personalities in the car world, Lee left her hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida to go to Detroit, Michigan to pursue a career in…real estate. It’s not exactly the stereotypical “make-it-big-in-the-big-city” dream, but Lee did have some success in real estate in the mid-2000s, at least until the whole market crashed in 2008 during the financial crisis. Lee still dabbles in the real estate business to this day, and she even opened up on the possibility of hosting her own real estate television show on HGTV. It’s unclear, though, how far along those plans are before the coronavirus pandemic put a screeching halt to the entire world.

She can dance to any beat

Yes, as if she isn’t talented enough as it is, Cristy Lee is also an incredible dancer. During her time in Detroit, Lee auditioned and made the Detroit Pistons Dance Team “Automation” in 2006. She also performed for the Major Indoor Soccer League Dance Team, adding another notch on her dancing career. She’s no longer part of any dance groups, but you can still catch Lee moving and grooving to dance beats while in front of the cameras.

She found her calling in front of a camera

Proving that she belongs in front of a camera, Cristy Lee has covered a plethora of motor racing events in the U.S. for a variety of networks. She’s appeared on ESPN, ABC, SPEED, Fox Sports 1, and NBC Sports, either as a pit reporter, analyst, host, or even leading an entire TV broadcast. That shows how versatile Lee is as a true professional in her craft. She’s been at it for a long time, too.

In fact, Lee was reporting during the American Motorcyclist Association Pro when it became Moto America. Lee has shown throughout a career that has spanned more than a decade that she’s a five-tool TV and sports personality.

Lee is a family woman through and through

Despite her soaring popularity, Lee remains grounded in the roots of her family. You only need to check out her social media accounts to see how close she remains to her parents. It’s no secret that Lee and her father are close, but she’s also tight with her mother, who she bears a striking resemblance to.

Lee is also known for posting the occasional messages to her parents in her social media accounts, as well as photos of all of them in good spirits together.

Good luck trying to crack her personal life

Some celebrities plaster their lives for the whole world to see. Some celebrities thrive on the attention, oftentimes even seek it. But that’s not the case for Cristy Lee, who has managed to keep her personal life away from public consumption. Despite being a celebrity for more than a decade now, very few people know about Lee’s personal affairs.

She doesn’t talk about her relationship status, leaving everyone figuring out if she’s single or not. Even if she is, it’s unlikely that Lee will have any time for a serious relationship these days. She’s dedicated to her career, and for good reason, too.

She’s not 47, as sections of the Internet claim; she’s 35 years old

Part of keeping a guarded personal life means that the public will usually try to fill in the blanks if they don’t know what the answers are. That’s the downside of Lee having such a closed-off personal life. The more popular she’s become, the more she’s become the subject of incessant speculation. Having little information to go by usually leads people to speculate on her personal life, including something as rudimentary as her birthday.

For a while, people assumed that Lee was born in 1977, and that rumor persisted long enough for her to address it when she celebrated her 35th birthday last year. No, Cristy Lee wasn’t born in 1977, and no, she doesn’t have a net worth of $18 million as the Interwebs claim.

She’s a beach person through and through

When she’s not fixing a car, racing a car, hosting an event, or doing everything that she usually does, Cristy Lee can be found in one of her favorite destinations: the beach. Lee is a known beach person, at least when you go by her social media posts. Lee has posted multiple times on her Instagram of her times spent at the beach, one time calling it “a much-needed escape for the holidays.”

She’s no longer in All Girls Garage, but she remains in our hearts

After spending almost a decade appearing as one-third of the All Girls’ Garage trio, the new season premiered without Lee in it. Turns out, she’s no longer part of the show, and the reasons behind it remain unclear. There are reports that Lee’s departure stemmed from the show trying to cut costs while others have said that she needed time off for a much-needed break. Lee apparently underwent an appendectomy on top of everything that she was dealing with. In any case, here’s to hoping that Lee fully recovers from her surgery.

How Old is Cristy Lee?

Cristy Lee is 35 years old. Most people mistake her for the “other” Cristie Lee, who is also known as Christie Lee Woods. The latter is a former Miss Teen USA who also became a model and actress.

Who is Cristy Lee Married to?

Cristy Lee has been very private about her personal life, specifically when it comes to romantic life. It’s unclear if she’s single or married.

How Tall is Cristy Lee

Cristy Lee is 5’2” tall.

Where is Cristy Lee From?

Cristy Lee is from Daytona Beach, Florida.

Does Cristy Lee Have Kids

No, Cristy Lee does not have kids.

Will Cristy Lee Marry Me?

You can give it a shot, but we don’t like your chances. That said, it does look like he’s single so if you shoot your shot right, you might be able to have a shot.

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