Local Motors Strati reviews

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2014 Local Motors Strati

2014 Local Motors Strati

3D printing is one of several disruptive technologies making a foray into the automotive industry. If you didn’t know, 3D printing (alternatively called “additive manufacturing”) is a process that utilizes a computer-controlled extrusion head to accrete raw material (usually plastic) into some predetermined form. Basically, a 3D printer can turn a digitized design into a physical object.

This technology is a huge boon for car lovers. The manufacturing process, once a costly and time-intensive burden, is quickly becoming accessible to the layman. Automotive culture is still coming to grips with the sheer number of possibilities that 3D printing represents. Jay Leno, for example, uses his 3D printer to create hard-to-find replacement parts for his vast collection of vintage automobiles.

But what if you could do more than just print parts? What if you could print an entire car?

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