With the growing number of Ferraris and Lamborghinis cruising their way through our streets, it’s refreshing to see a Lotus taking its worthy turn at showing off. It’s even better when this particular Lotus has taken part in a little tuning project of its own. Tecnocraft has taken a couple of Lotus models, including the Exige and the Elise, and has molded and shaped a good amount of carbon fiber for a product worthy of a little attention.

No official details have been given on the final product just yet, but these pictures show a classy combination of yellow and black for the exterior and the interior of the sports car. Considering carbon fiber was the way to go for these Lotus models, we imagine that a weight reduction is definitely in order. Just how much weight has been schlepped off is anyone’s guess at this point.

The carbon fiber sports seats being used in the Lotus model have already been showcased in Tecnocraft’s version of the C63 AMG, but another new addition for the sport cars will be a news set of wheels to further decorate the exterior.

As a refresher, the standard Elise is powered by a supercharged 1.8 liter engine that develops a total of 217 hp and rockets the car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds. The Exige gets a supercharged and intercooled 1.8 liter engine with 257 HP and a sprint time of 4 seconds.


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  (559) posted on 01.2.2012

It looks very aggressive on its platform! Well, Tecnocraft really did a great work on this one, so sporty and oozing with angst! I just only hope that they also use a powerful engine on this.

  (498) posted on 12.19.2011

Wow! It is the most awesome and aggressive Lotus vehicle today, and I have to agree that it looks more attractive on that body paint. I just only hope that Lotus already use a boost engine on this.

  (683) posted on 12.4.2011

It looks so attractive on its yellow body paint, and I notice that it is different from their other vehicle, which is refreshing! However, I’m still not impressed with its 257 hp the fact that it is a sports vehicle.

  (530) posted on 09.1.2011

I’m impressed to this car and the combination of the color. This kind of car only want to see on a race car.

  (488) posted on 08.19.2011

It is really impressive but I think this kind of car is not reliable on the road and not practical for everyday use. You only want to see this one on a race road.

  (647) posted on 05.13.2011

I think this car will be going to show off a lot and surprising features that make you feel so lucky of owning this car. I should say I had better to hurry to get one of it!

  (367) posted on 05.10.2011

Ferrari’s is actually obtain a fresh and very entertaining color texture that gives your little attention a product worth. Its getting better and better looking for a longer period of time.

  (399) posted on 05.5.2011

Well, Its kinda pretty cool concept. This product is i think has a lot to do of more eye attention of its color.

  (399) posted on 05.5.2011

Well, Its kinda pretty cool concept. This product is i think has a lot to do of more eye attention of its color.

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