• 2011 Lotus Exos Type 125 race car

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Last week, we brought forth details on Lotus’ "Ultimate Consumer Track and Race Car" not knowing that the Lotus 125 would make a pre-appearance at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca during this past weekend’s events. All that means is that we did not have to wait as long to get specific details on the lightweight, 650-kilogram F1-inspired limited edition race car. The Lotus Exos 125 features a a carbon fiber monocoque platform, ceramic brakes, and a carbon fiber suspension.

The new Lotus Exos Type 125 race car is powered by a 3.5-liter Cosworth V8 engine that delivers a total of 650 HP and has a 10,300 rpm redline. The engine is mated to a F1-style semi-automatic transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

At the car’s official launch, Stephen Wright said: "The reality is though, it is a very easy car to run and maintain. You don’t actually need to have a big group of people to run the car, if you want to go to the track and have a track day yourself."

There will only be 25 units built each priced at one million dollars. The first 10 units will be delivered in the spring of 2011 and the other 15 units in the summer of the same year. Lotus also said that it will develop a training and racing program around the 125 model.

UPDATE 01/19/11: We’ve waited a long time for this day to come and now we’re finally getting closer and closer. Word from Lotus is that the Exos Type 125 is finally ready to hit the track and will be making its test debut this week at the Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi in Italy. After it’s test run in Italy, the car will then jet over to Abu Dhabi where it will be put through the paces by lucky customers at the Yas Marina Circuit. For a car that’s limited to 25 units at $1 million a pop, we sure hope that all the hype behind it is worth the price of owning one.

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  • 2011 Lotus Exos Type 125 race car
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  (683) posted on 12.4.2011

It is really a good thing that it has an impressive and efficient power output! However, I still found out that its competitor is more powerful than with this Type 125 race car.

  (530) posted on 09.1.2011

This is really great! I think the price of this car is million dollars. This car is one of the fastest car in the world.

  (445) posted on 03.9.2011

Well this is probably the kind of car that you would want to bring to the office. Now if they would be only kind enough and add a luggage compartment on the thing.

  (257) posted on 03.8.2011

Wow, are you really saying that folks will be able to own this car. Those with one million dollrs just lying around will definitely be very lucky.

  (410) posted on 02.6.2011

This type car looks conservative,If you want to be hide and possess private personality,maybe it really good for you.

  (743) posted on 01.20.2011

That looks like a LOT more fun than an Atom or X-bow, but for me this is the most impressive car I’ve seen any automaker revel in a decade, props to lotus for having the balls to bring something this awesome to the market.

  (151) posted on 01.20.2011

Half of this car beauty is from the fact that it’s presented in the shadow and you cannot appreciate it fully. I’m guessing that on the track will be no different than the others!

  (101) posted on 01.20.2011

The bad part is that the paint won’t be like this anymore once they start putting their advertising stickers on it smiley

  (89) posted on 01.20.2011

Sweet ride and the colors are very well chosen smiley

  (701) posted on 01.19.2011

agree basically most teams are the one who create their own F1 car, so that it wont take long for them to be familiarize with the performance, handling and quality of the f1.

  (806) posted on 01.19.2011

I wonder which team will buy and used this limited edition exos, it looks great for an F1 racer car but unfortunately every teams build their own F1 race car, so selling this would be tough.

  (406) posted on 11.10.2010

I’ll take mine in JPS Black and Gold. That is if anyone has a spare million they want to give me.

  (247) posted on 11.2.2010

While that may be true, isn’t that exactly what they would do if they were trying to get around the test ban? If it were built by Lotus Racing, it would be even more suspect.

  (392) posted on 10.7.2010

It looks awesome they should just race these in the Indie car Series.

  (25) posted on 10.3.2010

one thing, lotus cant make a car like that, there not that type of car business, they shouldn`t make race cars they should stick to street legal cars.

  (157) posted on 09.28.2010

While that may be true, isn’t that exactly what they would do if they were trying to get around the test ban? If it were built by Lotus Racing, it would be even more suspect.

  (937) posted on 08.12.2010

This super car, F1 car, is very fascinating. It can catch any spectators eye when it is on the tracks.

  (1332) posted on 08.9.2010

This is built by Lotus Cars and not Lotus Racing/1Malysia F1. They are two very distinct companies who happen to share part of their name (and okay some ownership). The f1 team has had no input into this.

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