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2012 Lumeneo Neoma

2012 Lumeneo Neoma

Lumeneo is a young car manufacturer known as the developer of the Smera, an ultra compact personal commuter especially developed for city driving. The Smera model was launched in 2009, but after three years the company expanded its lineup, by launching a new model named the Neoma. Lumeneo decided to remain devoted to electric motors, so the Neoma was powered by the same technology and batteries as the Smera. The electric motors delivered a maximum output of 46 hp and are powered by a pack of 14.2 kWh lithium ion batteries. On road performances remain unimpressive with a top speed limited to only 110 km/h (68 mph).

The standard Neoma will be followed by a convertible version, which will keep he same technical specification, but it will receive sport suspensions and a few other small modifications.

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