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2015 Magna Steyr MILA Plus Hybrid Concept

2015 Magna Steyr MILA Plus Hybrid Concept

Based in Graz, Austria, Magna Steyr is an automobile manufacturer primarily known for assembling vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the Mini Countryman/Paceman, the first-generation BMW X3, the Aston Martin Rapide and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, among many others. The Austrians also developed Mercedes’ 4MATIC AWD system and Opel’s TwinTop convertible roof assembly for the Astra. But despite these many achievements and its ability to develop and assemble mainstream vehicles, Magna Steyr has yet to manufacture a production car of its own. Instead, the Austrians created a number of concepts under the Magna Innovation Lightweight Auto (MILA) brand.

Now, with the 2015 Geneva Motor Show right around the corner, Magna Steyr has readied yet another concept, this time a hybrid, lightweight sports car. Named the MILA Plus Hybrid, the study seems to follow in the footsteps of the BMW i8 by combining sports car-like performance and strong fuel economy. Although the full specs are still being kept under wraps as of February 2015, and Magna Steyr has yet to mention whether the MILA Plus is slated to become a production car, the concept is worth looking into with the current sports-car market moving closer to hybridization.

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Magna Steyr To Present Peugeot RCZ Concept at Geneva

Magna Steyr, the same company that gave us the 3-in-1 MILA Coupic Concept last year, is coming back to the Geneva Motor Show and it appears that it’s bringing a modified Peugeot RCZ with it that it apparently has turned into an "exciting coupe concept.”

No details were given on exactly what kind of model this is going to be - no name even - but according to a company press release, the entire objective is to present the RCZ Coupe Concept with what the company calls View Top, an innovative sliding folding roof with integrated glass elements that creates a unique open-air feeling.

The inspiration behind the concept, it appears, is the aforementioned MILA Coupic Concept, a vehicle that turned heads last year for its innovative approach to multi-functionality.

“The inspiration for this concept car stems from Magna Steyr’s MILA concept series, which demonstrates the unique product design and engineering capabilities that we can deliver to customers,” explains Magna Steyr president Günther Apfalter.

“We are excited to take our original View Top design concept and bring it closer to reality by showcasing it as a concept on a sports car production vehicle.”

Suffice to say, we’re more than interested to see what Magna Steyr has up its sleeve. We’re still not quite sure what the concept is going to look like, which makes the whole thing even more interesting.

*Note: Photo is of the Peugeot RCZ R Concept

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2012 Geneva Motor Show: The Concept Cars

2012 Geneva Motor Show: The Concept Cars

Concept cars have always been an integral part of any major auto show. These events give automakers an opportunity to showcase some of the most outlandish and over-the-top vehicles we’ll ever see.

Now that doesn’t mean that these concepts will translate to production. Actually, very few do with most of them forgotten long after the auto show ends.

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, we saw a lot of concept cars that piqued our curiosities one way or the other. Some were fancy, some were strange, and some just completely blew us away.

In the end, the concept cars at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show delivered on the promise of providing some edge and flavor to the proceedings. On the list below, we’ll show you all of the concepts that caught our eye, and if we do say so ourselves, some of those are just too awesome to not be sent to the production line.

Check out the concept cars from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show after the jump.

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2012 Magna Steyr MILA Coupic Concept

2012 Magna Steyr MILA Coupic Concept

Austrian automaker, Magna Steyr, rarely makes a splash these days, but when they do, you can be sure that people are bound to notice. That shouldn’t be no more evident than in what Magna Steyr has in store for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show: They’re bringing a 3-in-1 vehicle concept called the MILA Coupic.

If the thought of a vehicle taking three guises is confusing enough, then you can be sure of the MILA Coupic’s status as a novelty.

In the simplest of terms, the MILA Coupic is a crossover coupe that comes with an innovative and retractable soft top roof with two sections that can be opened independently from each other. Both of these soft folding roofs have been fitted with a variety of transparent glass elements embedded in the textile material. The front roof system above the front seats can be opened from the front to the rear while the rear roof system above the rear seats and the loading area allows for two opening directions and provides added versatility to the vehicle’s loading area.

The concept’s two-tone paint finish - Clash Green combined with Crystal White - complements the aluminum highlights, thus providing a vehicle that looks about as unconventional as any concept we’ve seen in recent time.

Looking at the overall design of the car, the MILA Coupic offers a fresh take on how exceptional engineering can blend with state-of-the-art technology. The construction of the MILA Coupic was designed in different layers, with the lowest level paying attention to providing overall stability to the concept. The middle layer stands for safety and comfort, whereas the top level invests the vehicle with the typical sportiness and elegance of a coupé. Inside, the concept has a five-seat configuration with the rear seat capable of being folded forward, thus turning the vehicle into a glorified pick-up, further enhancing the concept’s overall quirkiness.

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