• 2014 Magnum MK5
    by Alina Moore, on October 30, 2013, 19:00



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2014 Magnum MK5

2014 Magnum MK5

When many people hear "an all-new Magnum," they think of a new and mighty delicious ice cream bar, but this certain isn’t an ice cream bar. The new Magnum MK5 is likely the hottest thing to come from Canada since Laura Vandervoort — it’s sleek, sexy and really, really fast.

After teasing it a few times, Canadian firm, Magnum Cars, decided to reveal the full details on the new MK5 track toy.

This racer clearly has its sites set on the BAC Mono, KTM X-Bow, Ariel Atom and the VUHL 05, and it features elements inspired by the Formula 1 and Le Mans prototypes.

Like its aforementioned competitors, the MK5 is a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive, two-seat racer built on the company’s passion for motorsport. It is the brainchild Bruno St-Jacques — the son of Jean-Pierre St-Jacques who founded of the Magnum cars company back in the 1960s. The MK5 was built from passion to racing because Bruno is a well-rounded and successful racecar driver, and the MK5 was built as his dream machine.

The MK5 will be limited to only 20 units per year and is priced from $139,000. Customers interested can place their orders now, but the first deliveries will not be made until late 2014.

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