The GranTurismo S Automatic has turned out to be Maserati’s most sold model on the British market and, as a thanks to their customers, the automaker is now offering a new Sport Pack as a bonus. The new add-on further enhances the GranTurismo S Automatic so that it delivers a performance oriented experience, but don’t expect that experience for free; the new package is priced at £3,840, or about $6,240 at the current exchange rates.

The most important feature of the new Sport Pack is a revised exhaust system which keeps its bypass valves fully open in Sport mode to provide an even richer sound. Next to this, the package also includes body colored side skirts and front winglets, a stylish black grille featuring the Maserati Trident logo with red accents, black mesh side grilles, black look headlights, an integrated rear boot lid spoiler, and oval exhaust pipes. Grigio Mercury Neptune-design alloy wheels finish off the Maserati’s sportier look.

Other than that, the GranTurismo S Automatic’s specifications remain unchanged. Look for the usual 4.7-liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 440 HP and a peak torque of 361 lbs-ft at 4750 rpm to get the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds flat. Top speed remains at 183 mph.

  • 2011 Maserati Gran Turismo S Automatic Sport Pack
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
    361 lbs-ft at 4750 rpm
  • Displacement:
    4700 L
  • 0-60 time:
    5 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    183 mph
  • car segment:
  • body style:


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  (1211) posted on 12.25.2011

It looks very decent but oozing with aggressiveness on its front design. Anyway, it’s a good thing as well that they use a V8 engine on it. It’s not so impressive, but it can still give an efficient speed on it.

  (466) posted on 12.1.2011

I never thought that it is a sports vehicle! smiley Anyway, I don’t think that its engine output is already good enough for a race car. Well, upgrading its engine can’t truly harm it. It will only be more impressive on that.

  (306) posted on 10.27.2011

I’m so impressed with the decency of this one even on its hygienic body paint, and I noticed that the engine and horsepower of this one are quite good enough for this kind of car.

  (372) posted on 10.13.2011

This Gran Turismo was really looks so luxury even though it only had a simple detailing and the revision of its exhaust system that keeps its bypass valves is so great! I would love to have a kind of car like this.

  (287) posted on 10.11.2011

Despite of the fact that this one is a sports car, I must say that I’m so impressed on how they managed to perfectly combine the decency and the sporty appearance on this Gran Turismo, and I’m quite impressed with its engine.

  (762) posted on 09.29.2011

This new sport pack have a nice elegant design more on sporty type with emphasis wheel and high-end exterior platform. Its stylish features complements on each parts.

  (502) posted on 09.20.2011

I’m impressed with the decency of this Gran Turismo and the engine that they used is quite good on it but I’m just wondering about what will the interior features of it looks like.

  (599) posted on 09.12.2011

Gran Turismo styling and design is not so impressive just like the other, I found it very common but I must say that I still like the decency of this car and its so great to know that they upgrade the engine of this one.

  (577) posted on 09.8.2011

I have to agree with you GoldenBullet the upgrading of its engine is really the good thing in this tuned up version. V8 engine will give them a quite impressive performance.

  (459) posted on 09.6.2011

I guess you are wrong. The good thing about the tuned up version is the upgrade on its engine. I’m really impressed on the speed performance of the car. Just like its cousin Ferrari both have deliver am awesome amount of power.

  (453) posted on 09.6.2011

The good thing about the Maserati is they have more add-ons to offer in order to get that gorgeous face. However, its kind of disappointing that the speed performance of the car is not that impressive.

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