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2013 Maxximus LNG 2000

2013 Maxximus LNG 2000

Green cars are slowly starting to gain some traction in the automotive realm, as seemingly every manufacturer now offers some sort of hybrid model. Even electric cars are starting to see a lot of upswing lately, as most manufacturers are at least tinkering with the EV idea. However, there is one “green” mode of transportation that is getting overlooked at every turn. This is liquid natural gas and compressed natural gas.

One company has made LNG and CNG its No. 1 priority lately, and that is Maxximus. Maxximus’ first vehicle was a supercar dubbed the G-Force and it recently took that monster and turned it into a vehicle that can run on LNG, CNG, or even propane, and run at an extremely high rate of speed. This new vehicle is named the LNG 2000.

CNG and LNG are not only 90 percent cleaner burning than gasoline, making them the cleanest burning fossil fuel, but they are also as much as 50 percent cheaper than gasoline. Of course, some oil tycoon would snatch up the world’s supply and eventually drive process to the range of gasoline. At least it would provide a little temporary relief for the price of fuel, as we search for a legitimate alternative.

When most people think of alternative fuels, they think of a slow-moving vehicle that isn’t practical in the real world. Can the Maxximus LNG 2000 break this mold?

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2012 Maxximus Prodigy

2012 Maxximus Prodigy

American company, Maxximus, has big plans to build a car that just may be a little too ambitious, even for the immense standards of the auto industry. We all remember these guys for building one of the fastest supercars in the world, the Maxximus G-Force. More recently, these guys were in the middle of developing the LNG 2000, a green supercar that’s being pegged as the eventual successor to the G-Force.

But there’s another supercar Maxximus is looking into building in the future, one that will carry a liquid natural gas powertrain. What we might call as ambitious, Maxximus is calling the ’Prodigy.’

The supercar is being touted as a world-class machine that will blow the doors off of the competition. If the expected numbers of the car turn out to be true, then you won’t hear any arguments from us. The team from Maxximus has laid the plans on what they expect from the Prodigy, including a mixture of Rolls-Royce-type luxury and Bugatti-like performance numbers.

What sets the Prodigy apart from just about everybody else is that, according to Maxximus, it will be the first ever supercar to run on a liquid natural gas engine. This alternative fuel option has never been used on cars producing the kind of power Maxximus is pegging for the Prodigy. The powertrain-of-choice supporting this will be a custom-built LNG 7-liter Chevrolet V8 engine said to produce 2000 HP.

"The engine is going to be like nothing else on the market," says Adam Layman, Maxximus’ Engine Development Manager.

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