Maybach, the luxury brand with an illustrious past, re-established just four years ago, is adding a fourth variant to its line-up in the shape of the newly developed 62 S model. The "S" stands for "Special" and draws attention to the fact that the Maybach engineers at the Sindelfingen-based Manufaktur workshops have incorporated a wealth of meticulously developed, special features specified by their highly discerning customers into the new 62 S model. The result is a new dimension in travelling comfort, especially for the passengers in the generously proportioned rear compartment of the new high-end luxury saloon. Not to mention a prodigious power output thanks to the enhanced potency of the twelve-cylinder engine developing 450 kW/612 hp, making the new 62 S model the world’s most powerful chauffeur-driven saloon in series production.

  • 2007 Maybach 62 S
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  • Model:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • 0-60 time:
    5.1 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    155.3 mph
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The new flagship model in the Maybach range is celebrating its world premiere at the "Auto China 2006" international motor show in Beijing in November – a move which expends its range of high-end luxury saloons. The Maybach 62 S is primarily designed to be chauffeur-driven and meets the very highest of standards in terms of spaciousness, smoothness and comfort – for a truly relaxing ride – and dynamism for saving that most precious of commodities: time. Precisely what is needed in these increasingly frenetic times.

2007 Maybach 62 S
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Exterior boasting a dynamically elegant appearance

Prominent exterior features accentuate the dynamic presence of the new Maybach 62 S and clearly distinguish it from the 62 model. These include a modified front end with a strikingly redesigned radiator grille as well as new, distinctive 20-inch spoked wheels and a modified light-cluster design. Like the 57 S model, the new Maybach 62 S boasts lavish single-tone paintwork in black or silver, both of which are available exclusively for the "S" models. Alternatively, customers can now specify a special paint finish in shimmering white. Discreet "62 S" lettering adorns the front wings beneath the A pillars and the boot lid, while a modified rear apron with two integral, trapezoidal exhaust tailpipes hints strongly at the immense performance potential of the 62 S. This dynamic and elegant appearance puts the Maybach 62 S in a league of its own when it comes to luxurious chauffeur-driven cars.

Further enhance the interior

The contemporary Maybach interpretation of lavish luxury, consummate comfort and superlative dynamism is also reflected in the interior of the 62 S. Here high-grade materials are hand-finished to perfection for a distinctive and particularly exclusive look, all in inimitable Maybach style. Carefully coordinated applications of exquisite piano lacquer and sporty carbon or anthracite poplar create an atmosphere of dynamic elegance both in the rear compartment and in the driver’s direct field of vision and activity. Newly designed, high-grade leather upholstery tastefully accentuates this overall impression.

2007 Maybach 62 S
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Twelve-cylinder powerplant and comfort-tuned chassis

Effortlessly superior performance in any situation comes courtesy of a Mercedes-AMG-enhanced V12 powerplant developing 45 kW/62 hp more than the engine specified for the Maybach 62. The twelve-cylinder engine in the Maybach 62 S has a displacement of six litres and an output of 450 kW/612 hp by virtue of a twin turbocharger and a water-type intercooler. The impressive maximum torque of 1000 Nm (electronically limited) is available over a wide engine speed range between 2000 and 4000 rpm. This provides even the most sportily inclined of Maybach drivers with effortless power reserves at all times. With acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in only 5.2 seconds, the new Maybach 62 S impressively demonstrates its outstanding performance potential. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h in chauffeur-driven vehicles.

The exclusivity of the twelve-cylinder powerplant is underlined by a model plate on the cover bearing the signature of the Mercedes-AMG technician who assembled it by hand based on the now familiar "one man, one engine" principle.

In contrast to the sportier configuration of the 57 S model for owner-drivers, which features a stiffer and lower chassis, the Maybach engineers decided to retain the full spring travel for the 62 S in order to achieve an outstanding, practically unsurpassed level of ride comfort. In terms of comfort, the chassis marks the absolute pinnacle of automotive engineering. Yet it also offers a high degree of dynamic potential for reliably transferring the power to the road whatever the scenario. Hence the Maybach developers have succeeded in reconciling, to a near perfect degree, two very different requirements.

2007 Maybach 62 S
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Maybach continues its rich tradition

The outstanding attributes of the Maybach 62 S set new standards at the high end of the passenger car industry and also continue the tradition of the legendary Maybach saloons which represented the elite in German and international carmaking circles back in the 1920s and 1930s. Even then, many Maybach cars were built and equipped to be chauffeur-driven – a tradition which the 62 S model is proud to honour.

Exterior and interior

The designers have accentuated the dynamism of the new Maybach 62 S by incorporating discreet visual touches which are fully in keeping with the high design standards of the Maybach brand in terms of both style and material selection.

Prominent exterior features include a radiator grille with pronounced twin louvres spaced widely apart, closely resembling the familiar brand design yet creating an even more striking and powerful impression at the front end of the 62 S. In addition, the headlamp surrounds are painted in the body colour, enhancing the visual prominence of the twin headlamps and emphasising the forward-flowing dynamism of the car. This highly distinctive front aspect is elegantly and dynamically rounded off by fog lamps with shining chrome surrounds positioned low down in the front apron.

2007 Maybach 62 S
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Eye-catching features of the side design include 20-inch eleven-spoke light-alloy wheels developed specifically for the Maybach 57 S and the Maybach 62 S, which lend the car a road-hugging appearance, as well as dark-tinted glass for the rear side windows and rear windscreen (not in the US), which affords the occupants of the large saloon some much-welcomed privacy.

The rear end is characterised by a new-look rear apron which integrates the two visible, trapezoidal chrome exhaust tailpipes on the left and right into the vehicle contours and thereby particularly accentuates their visual effect. Plus the boot lid bears the lettering "Maybach" and "62 S", the model designation also being repeated on the side wings beneath the A-pillars.

A single-tone paint finish – in "Baltic Black" or "Nevada Silver", both of which are available exclusively for the 57 S and 62 S models – confirms the special position of the 62 S within the luxury car line-up produced in Sindelfingen. Alternatively, an elegant, sporty metallic paint finish in shimmering white ("Antiqua White Metallic") can be specified as an option. The appearance of this particular shade changes subtly, depending on how the light strikes it, and is especially lustrous in bright sunlight.

2007 Maybach 62 S
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Generously proportioned interior is a world in itself

The interior of the new Maybach flagship model is also truly special, displaying stylish elegance and the ultimate in perfection in every detail. Pure, unadulterated luxury is the order of the day – discreet yet unmistakable. The overriding aim – maximum comfort for all the occupants – has clearly been achieved, thanks largely to the extremely generous amount of space available, especially for the rear passengers. This is just one of the benefits of designing the Maybach 62 S first and foremost as a chauffeur-driven saloon. A glance at the dimensions alone shows that the Maybach 62 S is in a class of its own when it comes to spaciousness: measuring 6165 mm long, 1980 mm wide and 1573 mm high, it gives passengers all the room they need to relax in comfort in the 2.68 metre long interior. Rear passengers in particular get the full VIP treatment and are able to enjoy all the benefits of a luxury lounge on wheels.

A refined blend of carbon and piano lacquer

The exquisite ambience of the new-look interior comes courtesy of a mix of the finest materials, a sophisticated colour scheme and impeccable finishing, unmistakably demonstrating the high quality-awareness and craftsmanship in which Maybach Manufaktur takes such pride. The new Maybach 62 S is a shining example of how high-end dynamism can harmonise perfectly with impeccable luxury.

The unique character of the Maybach 62 S interior is in large measure due to the vertical surfaces coated in piano lacquer and the carbon rather than fine wood trim, which especially emphasises the horizontal surfaces. The centre console is a prime example of great attention to detail: this innovative composition of piano lacquer and carbon elements lends another powerful and energetic highlight to the interior as a further visual emphasis of the car’s impressive performance potential. On request, Maybach customers are also able to order the new version with a poplar wood trim in anthracite as an alternative to carbon.

2007 Maybach 62 S
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Perfectly coordinated with this colour scheme, the leather upholstery is available in black, "Vesuvius Black" with black or silver piping and "Aspen White" with black piping. In keeping with the overall design, the shift lever is trimmed in the interior colour, while the steering wheel is lined with black, partially perforated leather. This exquisite material blends in superbly with the carbon or anthracite poplar wood trim elements and, above all, with the black piano lacquer-trimmed surfaces that are available as an alternative for the Maybach 62 S interior.

For the first time, Maybach is offering its customers optional high-gloss black leather appointments with a greater depth of colour for the luxurious interior of the 62 S.

The Maybach designers drew their inspiration from luxury fashion articles such as handbags, shoes and belts. This new individualisation option is based on the semi-aniline leather already familiar from other Maybach saloons. The leather is made exclusively from the hides of young southern German bulls – the best raw material on the market. In an additional process, this immaculate natural product is further refined and upgraded, and the leather becomes even more lustrous and smooth, resulting in another highly attractive interior styling option.

First-class comfort and functionality for the rear passengers

The interior design of the new Maybach 62 S was inspired by one aim in particular: to provide the greatest possible level of comfort and well-being for the car’s passengers. This not only applies to the selection and preparation of the fine materials, it also relates to the seats, the climate control and, of course, the exemplary acoustics.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142945

Like the 62 model, the new Maybach 62 S features two elegant, individual rear seats with a unique and ingenious reclining facility that allows even the tallest of occupants to savour a level of comfort matched only by the armchair-style seats seen in the first-class compartments of modern passenger jets. Rear passengers can call up a pre-set reclined position at the push of a button, whereupon the backrest smoothly tilts backwards by up to 47 degrees whilst, simultaneously, a lower-leg support and footrest extend forwards. This means that occupants can enjoy the ride in an extremely relaxed reclined position. Of course, the seat can easily be adjusted to each passenger’s own particular comfort needs. The following individual settings are possible:

  • The fore/aft position of the rear seat can be adjusted by up to 135 mm
  • Depending on the individual settings, the backrest can be inclined at an angle of between 25 and 47 degrees
  • The head restraint is adjustable for height (by 115 mm), fore/aft position (by 60 mm) and angle (by 25 degrees). Its side bolsters are also individually adjustable in order to improve lateral support for the head when the seat is reclined
  • If required, the seat cushion can be extended by up to 60 mm when the seat is in the upright position, while its inclination can be varied from 14 to 24 degrees
  • The fore/aft position of the thigh support can be altered by 85 mm
  • The lower-leg support features a two-stage telescopic arm that allows the fore/aft position to be adjusted by up to 240 mm. The inclination of the lower-leg support can be adjusted by up to 75 degrees
  • The angle of the footrest can be individually adjusted up to 110 degrees

Seven electric motors are used to operate this technological masterpiece – three of which can operate simultaneously, depending on the commands input by the occupant. An electronic control unit monitors the complex series of movements and controls the logical sequence. The kinematics of the individual seat components are programmed to ensure that the occupant’s body – including the lower legs and feet – is fully supported at all times, even in intermediate positions between the normal upright position and the maximum reclined position.

Adjustment of the comfortable reclining seats is made easier by a memory function that is capable of storing five individual sitting positions. A mere push of a button is then all that is required to move the seat to the position in which the occupant feels most comfortable.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142944

Multicontour backrest for a relaxing back massage at the push of a button

Seat comfort is further enhanced by pneumatically adjustable air cushions in the backrest and a program-controlled massage function. Pressing the "Pulse" button inflates and deflates the central air cushion in the lumbar region at precisely defined intervals and with varying intensity. As confirmed by orthopaedic experts, this pulsating action relieves stress in the back muscles and boosts the metabolism of the intervertebral discs. Each relaxing back massage lasts for eight minutes and can be repeated as often as required.

If requested, Maybach can also equip the reclining seats with an active ventilation system, consisting of eight mini ventilators in each of the two rear seats, which allows an even flow of air through the perforations in the seat surface. Thanks to an ingenious system of air ducts, the airflow cools the contact areas between the passengers and the seats, all of which makes for an extremely pleasurable experience. There are three airflow speeds to choose from.

Sophisticated integral system with crash-responsive backrest for outstanding safety

As well as being exceptionally comfortable, the reclining seats in the Maybach 62 S offer an outstanding level of safety – in any position. The restraint system incorporating the belt tensioner, belt-force limiter and sidebag is integrated in the backrest, meaning that the rear passengers can enjoy optimal protection even when the seats are fully reclined. Further safety features include a crash-responsive backrest which is moved into an upright position in the event of a frontal impact and the tensioners on the belt buckles which also tension the lap belt in the event of an accident.

Alternative rear seat configuration

For customers who require space for up to three passengers in the rear, Maybach offers an alternative seat configuration as an option, featuring a third seat in the centre of the rear compartment. If this arrangement is specified, the two luxurious individual seats are retained, while an additional seat is added in place of the standard-fit centre console. The back of this third seat is designed to ensure that all three rear passengers are seated comfortably at all times. If three rear seats are ordered, the controls for the curtain, the lights and the entertainment systems – usually housed in the centre console – are integrated in the centre console drawer unit.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 110882

A robust work surface with an exquisite wood finish

Because Maybach 62 S owners will sometimes need to work while on the move in the prestigious luxury saloon, the engineers in Sindelfingen have developed a folding table for each of the two rear seats by drawing on the know-how of their counterparts in the aircraft industry. Lavishly finished aluminium is the material used in this case. The two-piece table surfaces are trimmed with carbon or fine wood on the top side and nappa leather on the underside. Both folding tables are infinitely adjustable for fore/aft position and inclination and are suitable for use as a storage area, a desk or a worktop for a notebook PC. They are housed in special compartments on both sides of the rear centre console, to save space, and can be easily pulled out and folded up by means of an elegant leather loop.

The rear console is the centrepiece of the entertainment and communications package. Numerous storage compartments enable the rear passengers to easily stow large and small items alike. The exquisitely designed interior door panels alone house ten stowage compartments, complete with flap-style lids and a smooth opening action triggered at the push of a button. However, it is the multifunctional centre console between the seats that forms the heart of the stowage concept in the rear of the luxury saloon.

This is where the Maybach engineers have incorporated all that is needed for the rear passengers’ entertainment and enjoyment, including a DVD player, six-disc CD changer, one or two telephone systems, a refrigerator box with its own compressor and an intelligent system which holds glasses and champagne bottles securely in position. The champagne flutes – specifically designed for the Maybach using high-grade sterling silver – are held by clips that automatically grip them (and other stemmed glasses) above the base when they are put down. The clips are released as soon as the rear passenger picks up the glass or flute again.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142933

In addition, the rear centre console contains a range of storage compartments and a keypad with controls for the central locking, interior lighting, intercom system (if the Maybach 62 S is specified with a partition) and the curtains on the rear windscreen and rear side windows. Sockets for connecting a camcorder, an MP3 player or a games console are also provided.

Rear passengers can also keep a constant eye on the current road speed, outside temperature and time as the engineers have developed three elegant, circular dials which are mounted in an overhead panel in the luxury high-end saloon. Similarly, the rear passengers can monitor and control the navigation system, which offers extremely accurate positioning courtesy of state-of-the-art receiver technology, from the luxurious comfort of their seats.

Maybach 62 S customers can also order an optional compass which is mounted on the centre console in front of the rear seats. Developed especially for Maybach, it is based on the same highly precise GPS technology as the satellite navigation system. An elegantly designed compass face indicates the direction of two different destinations to the rear passengers – one destination is variable, the other fixed. By way of example, the needle can be set to always point towards Mecca, thus allowing those of Islamic faith to choose the correct praying position regardless of where they are in the world. In the variable mode, the needle can indicate the direction of the owner’s house or the vehicle’s final destination; once this point has been reached, the ingenious compass signals this to the rear passenger(s) by rotating its face.

A transparent panoramic roof at the push of a button

A further special attraction and highlight in the rear compartment is unquestionably the unique electrotransparent panoramic roof, available as an option. Featuring an elegant cassette-type structure, it sweeps elegantly above the rear passengers like a glass dome and offers them an impressive range of options for adjusting the amount of light that enters the interior. Whereas the roof normally provides a view of the sky outside, it can be made opaque at the push of a button, in which case it filters the light to create a pleasant, diffused lustre. This effect is possible thanks to a layer of liquid crystal film made from electrically conductive polymer material, which is integrated in the glass and whose crystals rearrange themselves when an alternating current is applied, thus making the glass transparent so that its entire surface allows daylight to pass into the rear compartment of the Maybach 62 S. As soon as the electrical supply is switched off, the liquid crystals lose their clear-glass arrangement and distribute the light in all directions, causing the glass surface to become opaque.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142955

The front section of the roof, covering an area of around half a square metre, contains 30 optional solar cells which convert sunlight into electrical energy, generating up to 63 watts for powering the ventilation blower of the climate control system in the Maybach 62 S. Power generated in this way starts flowing as soon as the luxury saloon is parked and ensures a constant supply of fresh air for the vehicle interior.

Light as a design element

The designers also use light as a design element for the Maybach interior. As well as numerous lamps which come on automatically when the doors are opened or can be used as reading lights by pushing a button, the 62 S features ambient lighting (in the form of ceiling spots) which produces a pleasant, indirect light and remains activated in the dark, even whilst driving, to create an extra-special ambience.

An electrically operated sliding section in the roof lining completes the luxurious lighting system inside the car. Its electro-luminescence foil can be switched on when the roof is closed to emit a pleasant diffused light across its entire surface. Rear passengers can dim the luminosity as required by means of a potentiometer in the rear centre console.

Partition with electric transparency control

As the new Maybach 62 S is primarily designed as a chauffeur-driven saloon, it comes with the option of a partition. Needless to say, the unique spaciousness of the rear compartment is not impaired in the slightest if this option is specified.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142947

The lower section of the partition consists of an aluminium sandwich structure, trimmed with leather and carbon or anthracite poplar elements, while the upper section comprises a laminated glass pane that can be lowered by electric motor. Furthermore, this glass has the same electro-transparent function as the panoramic roof on the Maybach 62 S. Thanks to a liquid crystal film embedded in the glass, the partition can be made opaque at the push of a button.

And so that the rear passengers and the chauffeur can still communicate, even when the partition is closed, luxury saloons fitted with a partition also feature an intercom system.

Two separate systems for a perfect climate all round

Driving enjoyment of the very highest calibre – thanks to the luxurious ambience and generous spaciousness – is further enhanced by exceptional seat comfort, low noise levels and highly efficient climate control.

To provide effective climate control in the spacious interior of the 62 S high-end luxury saloon, Maybach installs a one-of-a-kind system comprising two of the most sophisticated automatic air-conditioning units currently available – one for the front compartment and one especially for the rear compartment. The rear climate control system can also be operated by the chauffeur using a control unit in the front centre console.

Thanks to its high performance capability and intelligent control set-up, the system allows the two front passengers as well as the two occupants in the opulent rear seats to adjust and program the climate control system individually. In automatic mode, the system controls the four climate zones and ensures that the desired temperature is maintained at each individual seat with as little draught as possible. The individual climate control settings for the driver and the three passengers are automatically assigned to and stored in the Maybach’s electronic ignition key.

Both systems are sensor controlled and operate based on temperature, air humidity, the sun’s intensity and the pollutant level in the outside air; and both units can circulate up to 750 cubic metres of fresh air per hour in the luxury saloon’s interior – technologically speaking, a record for passenger car climate control systems.

If the Maybach 62 S is equipped with a partition, the air outlets in the B-pillars and the rear roof lining sections are fitted with additional blowers in order to ensure a comfortable climate in the rear even when the partition is closed.

Silence is golden

Although the new Maybach 62 S issues a powerful sound when accelerating, as if to confirm its immense performance potential, the occupants are still able to enjoy near silence in all other driving situations, which further enhances the stress-relieving and relaxing nature of the ride. This is because, when it comes to low noise levels, the high-end luxury chauffeur-driven saloon delivers yet another stunning performance, achieved thanks to meticulous precision and artistry on the part of the engineers. By way of example, sophisticated sealing systems at the joints between the body components effectively reduce wind noise, even at high speeds. Furthermore, extensive soundproofing measures – including the sealing sections around the doors and additional sealing of the front wings and the roof pillars – prevent any wind noise from penetrating through into the interior.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142950

Another major factor behind the low noise levels inside the 62 S is the sophisticated glass technology used: the side windows of the high-end luxury saloon are made from a special laminated glass developed exclusively for Maybach, incorporating four plastic films in the intermediate layer. One of these films is acoustical and helps to substantially reduce noise in the interior.

The glass in the Maybach’s side windows is 7.2 mm thick – 2.2 mm thicker than conventional laminated glass. One positive side effect of this sophisticated glazing is the better protection it offers against break-ins: the laminated glass makes it much more difficult to smash the windows by force. The front and rear windscreen, each 6.2 millimetres thick, also contain acoustical plastic films.

The result of all these measures is a sublime level of calm – unquestionably an added bonus given the frantic nature of the modern world.

Exclusive ex-factory appointments to satisfy every desire

Maybach Manufaktur has always been passionately committed to meeting customer requests with outstanding craftsmanship and painstaking attention to every detail. And the 62 S model is no different. This is why Maybach continuously develops and expands its official range of optional extras and features available at special customer request. The most common requests received from Maybach saloon customers are for family coats of arms and initials as well as high-quality accessories specially developed for the Maybach, from custom-made luggage sets to champagne flutes made from sterling silver and from humidors to golf bags.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142949

Even out-of-the-ordinary materials – for example gold instead of chrome – can be specified. And an experienced team of specialists is on hand to fulfil the more unusual requests. Maybach offers its customers over two million different equipment and appointment options for individualising their high-end luxury saloons, from deep-fell sheepskin carpeting to traditional comfort-enhancing accessories. In this respect, the latest models produced by the luxury brand follow proudly in the footsteps of their legendary predecessors.

Engine and chassis

The uprated V12 engine, which Maybach engineers have developed further with specialists at Mercedes-AMG, ensures a fulminating performance and outstanding handling dynamics in the Maybach 62 S just as in the Maybach 57 S before it. Thanks to a twin turbocharger and a water-to-air intercooler, the V12 power unit generates a maximum output of 450 kW/612 hp from a displacement of 5980 cubic centimetres. This is continuously on tap between 4800 and 5100 rpm, while the impressive maximum torque of 1000 Nm is available between 2000 and 4000 rpm. These figures allow the Maybach 62 S to deliver scintillating performance: acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes just 5.2 seconds and the maximum speed is 250 km/h (electronically limited). All of which allows the car to handle any driving situation with consummate ease.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142958

Sophisticated engine technology

The latest technology and numerous intelligent details developed by Mercedes-AMG specialists are the basis for the powerplant’s outstanding performance. As an example, the forged pistons are made from a special material which withstands extreme temperatures and pressures, and are kept at the optimal temperature by a sophisticated oil-jet cooling system with a separate nozzle for each of the twelve pistons. An extremely efficient oil pump and a large oil cooler ensure that all lubrication points are reliably supplied with oil, even under the highest loads. The compressor and turbine housings of the two turbochargers, as well as the impellers, are designed for a high charge pressure of up to 1.5 bar.

The high-performance engine of the Maybach 62 S is also equipped with a highly efficient intercooler, which lowers the temperature of the intake air compressed by the turbochargers before it enters the combustion chambers, using the highly effective principle of the air-to-water heat exchanger. The large surface area of the low-temperature intercooler guarantees effective cooling at all times, even under full load, and therefore provides the driver of the Maybach 62 S with a high output and torque yield in all ambient temperatures and under all operating conditions.

The character of the twelve-cylinder power unit offers the passengers in the Maybach 62 S a real experience for the senses: under full acceleration it certainly forces them back into their seats, but always remains well-mannered and refined despite the enormous engine power. Only a discreet snarl from the twin-pipe exhaust system when accelerating reveals that the high-performance engine is seriously getting down to business, also enabling the driver to derive acoustic enjoyment from the outstanding response to the accelerator.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142946

Powerplant construction at the Manufaktur workshops – one man, one engine

In line with the Maybach approach, the twelve-cylinder biturbo engine is hand-assembled in the Mercedes-AMG engine workshops, or ’Manufaktur’. The "One man, one engine" philosophy is reflected by the signature of the technician responsible on the characteristic model plate of the V12 biturbo powerplant – a guarantee of the greatest care and superlative quality.

Suspension configured for a safe and comfortable driving experience

In contrast to the Maybach 57 S, which is designed more with more sportily inclined owner-driver’s in mind, the chassis of the Maybach 62 S has not been lowered and the suspension configuration is no tauter than that of the 62 model. Instead, the engineers focussed on harmonising the chassis in order to marry impressive comfort with high performance potential. The technology at the heart of the Maybach 62 provided the ideal solution for achieving this aim. Equipped with the AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) electronically controlled air suspension system and the Adaptive Damping System (ADS II), the 62 model achieves an outstanding level of ride comfort whilst on the other hand proving that even a prestigious saloon can display excellent agility and handling qualities.

This is why the full spring travel was retained for the Maybach 62 S. The new model is, however, fitted with high-performance Michelin Pilot sports tyres – in 275/45 R 20 format – on specially developed size 8.5 J x 20-inch eleven-spoke light-alloy wheels. Owing to the low section width of the 20-inch tyres – larger than the 19 inch tyres of the Maybach 62 – and the larger contact patch resulting from a width of 8.5 rather than 8 inches, the self-steering characteristics of the Maybach 62 S have also been enhanced. The high-end saloon corners considerably more precisely and with almost instant response, while generating a high level of lateral stability at the same time, meaning that the dynamic reserves are always transferred to the road reliably. What’s more the new wheels help to further reduce road roar and tyre vibration levels.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142957

As well as large internally ventilated brake discs front and rear – with two callipers each on the front axle – the new Maybach 62 S features two Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™) electrohydraulic braking systems which operate simultaneously. The engineers in Sindelfingen have further developed this technology and adapted it to the increased braking power requirements. This means that, with ESP®, ASR, ABS and Brake Assist also on board, the 62 S features some of the most sophisticated and high-performance control systems available anywhere.

New high-performance tyres

Working closely together with tyre manufacturer Michelin, Maybach developed a high-performance tyre for the 57 S models, which is now also used on the new Maybach 62 S model. This tyre is the key factor behind the dynamic handling capabilities of both saloons and makes for dynamic handling as well as an extremely high level of comfort.

Development began in summer 2004, based on the tried-and-trusted Michelin Pilot Sport tyre series for high-performance vehicles. Right from the start, the experts at Maybach and Michelin opted for 20-inch wheels as, compared to the 19-inch wheels on the Maybach 57 and 62 models, they have the same diameter but a lower cross section and, therefore, offer better lateral rigidity. As a result, the build-up of lateral force is improved, thus allowing faster and more precise turn-in.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142948

This was shown by the very first computer simulations and subsequently confirmed in on-the-road tests. For this purpose, Michelin produced several tyre variants with widely ranging handling characteristics, all of which had to prove their worth on the test track. The initial aims – outstanding dynamism and agile handling – were quickly achieved. Then it was a question of finding the tyre design which, whilst allowing sporty handling, also provided the high degree of comfort readily associated with every Maybach saloon.

To this end, Michelin uses high-grade materials and state-of-the-art production methods. By way of example, the tyre specialists incorporated a layer of Kevlar under the tyre tread to improve the rolling characteristics, thereby enhancing the ride comfort. Using a technology known as VCP (Variable Contact Patch), they applied several different tread compounds next to each other on the tyres – harder compounds with a higher carbon content on the outside shoulder, which is subject to higher loads, and softer compounds in the middle. They were therefore able to combine agile handling with outstanding ride comfort as well as giving the tyres a sporty look.

2007 Maybach 62 S
- image 142953

In a second stage of development, the experts at Maybach and Michelin set about fine-tuning their design. Here, once again, different tyre configurations were produced and thousands of miles of rigorous tests were performed on test rigs, handling courses and torture tracks, not to mention the everyday endurance trials. Criteria included comfort, turn-in ability, lateral acceleration, tyre noise and, of course, wet-weather performance. The end result is the new 275/45 R20 tyre which Michelin produces exclusively for the Maybach 57 S and the Maybach 62 S.


Designed with meticulous attention to detail, built in a state-of-the-art manufacturing factory and kitted out with 21st-century automotive technology, the Maybach 57, Maybach 62, Maybach 57 S and new Maybach 62 S are writing the next chapter in the history of the renowned Maybach cars of the 1920s and 30s, which stood alongside Mercedes-Benz models as some of the finest examples of automotive excellence worldwide.

The Mercedes-Benz and Maybach automotive brands have much in common besides a long and distinguished tradition. Wilhelm Maybach (1846-1929), a long-time associate of Gottlieb Daimler (1834-1900), held the post of technical director at Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) and was the brains behind the construction of the first Mercedes, the template for all modern-day passenger cars, in 1901. For this reason, Maybach was much admired and known as the "King of the design engineers".

2007 Maybach 62 S
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In 1907 Wilhelm Maybach – who took his place in the European Automotive Hall of Fame in Geneva in March 2004 – left DMG, joining forces with his son Karl in 1909 to build powerful engines for the airships produced by Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin. In the years after 1919 Karl Maybach (1879-1960) – by then based in Friedrichshafen on the shores of Lake Constance – made quite a name for himself through the development and construction of exclusive and technically flawless luxury cars. By 1941, Karl Maybach had built around 1800 of these high-class vehicles, with the bodies painstakingly designed and equipped by specialist firms according to the customers’ specifications. Many of these were chauffeur-driven saloons.

The flagship Maybach model was the DS 8 “Zeppelin” of 1931. At some 5.5 metres in length, the “Zeppelin” ranked as one of the most prestigious German cars of its time “a car of the greatest elegance and power which you would give your last wish to own,” as a Maybach brochure put it.

With over 100 years of experience and technical expertise in the development and production of Mercedes-Benz luxury saloons behind it, it was only natural that the DaimlerChrysler Group decided to inject the Maybach name with new life in 2002. Close cooperation with sister brand Mercedes-Benz – the world’s leading innovator in terms of automotive safety, quality, reliability and longevity – was and remains the key factor in producing high-end luxury cars befitting of the Maybach brand. And the Maybach saloons benefit greatly from this technological leadership.

2007 Maybach 62 S
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The two brands are now closely linked under the umbrella of the DaimlerChrysler Group: Mercedes-Benz as the technology trend-setter and world’s most successful manufacturer of premium cars in high-growth market segments; Maybach as the brand for first-class, highly individual high-end luxury and prestigious saloons displaying supreme craftsmanship and innovative Mercedes technology.

This symbiosis of leading-edge Mercedes developments and classic Maybach exclusivity and individuality has once again resulted in objects of prestige on wheels without parallel: the very pinnacle of automotive engineering.

Technical data


No. of cylinders 12/V, 3 valves per cylinder
Displacement cc 5980
Bore x stroke mm 82.6 x 93.0
Rated output 148-hp 2.2L engine 5-speed manual
Rated torque Nm 1000 at 2000-4000 rpm
2007 Maybach 62 S
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Powertrain 5-speed automatic
Ratios Final drive
1st gear
2nd gear
3rd gear
4th gear
5th gear

Performance and fuel consumption

Acceleration 0-100 km/h s 5.2
Max. speed mph 155 mph
Fuel consumption, NEDC comb. l/100 km 16.4
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  (1211) posted on 12.25.2011

Yeah! So, S in 62S stands for Special!haha. Nice. No more farther comment. Just look at the car, and it will explain everything! How about the test drive?

  (211) posted on 07.7.2011

Yeah, I have to agree that this is not as fabulous as Cadillac car there’s no much high technology feature here though its kind of spacious. And I think there’s a trouble about its 12 cylinder engine.

  (449) posted on 07.7.2011

I would say that limousine car is quite impressive because of high end standard and elegance! When I saw the interior of the car I would say that I’m not impressed for I haven’t seen any fabulous styling here. I think Cadillac car would be better.

  (762) posted on 03.11.2011

Maybach is not selling well at all. I think its much better if they consider the S-Class. But this feature looks good though.

  (797) posted on 02.7.2011

Aha! So this is it! The original concept where the Maybach Landaulet is based from. While reading the whole article now I don’t have anymore doubt on why does the Maybach 62S is called the powerful series-produced chauffeured saloon!

  (555) posted on 12.13.2010

Here high-grade materials are hand-finished to perfection for a distinctive and particularly exclusive look, all in inimitable Maybach style. Carefully coordinated applications of exquisite piano lacquer and sporty carbon

  (477) posted on 11.22.2010

"The Maybach has higher end leather and more expensive materials than on the S-Class. "

  (406) posted on 11.9.2010

I respect the whole bit about giving a nod to the marque’s history and such.

  (858) posted on 11.3.2010

Tell me why people spend this much money on a stodgy looking car.

  (313) posted on 09.29.2010

Can we just stop the pointless hybrid crap already? If you really cared about the environment you wouldn’t drive a Maybach

  (708) posted on 08.10.2010

Maybach was nice for a whopping ten minutes but their cars aren’t anything special. I would rather have a RR Phantom. That at least doesn’t look like anything else on the road.

  (158) posted on 07.28.2010

The interior is quiet elegant unlike when you look the exterior.

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