Yes there was a girl, yes there was a car, yes she was beautiful, but the car wasn’t bad too, here it is: Neela’s RX8.

  • 2006 Mazda RX8 Tokyo Drift
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • 0-60 time:
    6.7 sec.
  • Quarter Mile time:
    14.9 sec.
  • car segment:
  • body style:

No this is not a stock car, as you have already discover .But we will discuss about this later on, now a quick review about the real Mazda RX8.

The Mazda RX8 was first introduced at the North American International Auto Show in 2001 by Mazda Motor Corporation.

The car is inspired from is predecessor the RX7, although it has suffered many modifications, not only on the outside but even under its shell and still holds the mean look of its brother.

2006 Mazda RX8 Tokyo Drift
- image 84687

The car has a number of award wining trophies and a holy place, in last 3 years, in the Car and Driver magazine’s Ten Best list.

In comparisons with the RX7, the RX8 is wider and more taller, for its sporty stance they pushed the wheels deep in the corners of the platform. With those modifications made, the Mazda RX8 gains more points in the comfort section. This means an extra set of seats, extra set of doors, more space in the storage booth.The rear doors are concealed cleverly behind the front set of doors, opening them, for security reasons, is impossible without the front ones being opened first.

2006 Mazda RX8 Tokyo Drift
- image 84688

This helps keeping the looks of a two doors sports car, but with the practicality and space of a sedan.

The car has a perfect weight distribution, an almost fifty fifty ratio, this thing is achieved by mounting the engine low and to the rear of the vehicle and its fuel tank positioned in the center, giving the Mazda a great feeling and handling when driven.

This thing is backed up by it’s many safety features such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System ), EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) which are available for the model.

The old engine

The Mazda RX8 is equipped with an 1.3 liter engine, a small one, but with a lot of kicks, bye saying that a meant that this engine produces an amazing 228 horsepower at 8500 rpm from it’s small shell. This thing is possible with the help of the revolutionary naturally aspirated Renessis rotary engine that the car has under the hood.This one is slightly different from the Renessis engines before, the one used in the RX8 is an 13B-MSP RENESIS, and the things that differ are the rotors, which are re-shaped, and that the exhaust ports are not situated on the rotor housing. Due to the lack of a turbocharger and associated parts, this engine is lighter and smaller giving the car great performance on the track and road.

2006 Mazda RX8 Tokyo Drift
- image 84182


On the inside, Mazda treats you’re eyes with two tone colored leather seats, aluminum trims and a bundle of optional and standard features such as electric seats, satellite navigation, air conditioning and air bags and many more. The last feature, the air bags, could be deployed in two stages, with the help of the of an onboard sensor witch detects the severity of the impact and judges the best solution to take for the drivers safety.

The new car

But enough about the old car ... let’s talk a little bit, about the girl that starts in the movie, I meant the car.

Well the Universal guys did again a nice job tuning this vehicle also. Powering this “coupe” is its one Renessis engine with a bit of touch from Greddy’s single-turbo kit and with the help of Tanabe’s cat-back exhaust system.

2006 Mazda RX8 Tokyo Drift
- image 84181

Covering and giving it that mean look to this Mazda RX8 is a VeilSide D1-GT body kit, and at the back, adding to the stile, is ... yes you’ve guess it right , still a VeilSide, a carbon fiber GT wing to be exact, helping with the down force to.

To improve the handling they added a Cusco rear sway bar, some TEIN springs to enhance the already great stability, and also a Cusco LSD so to be shore that the added power is distributed evenly through the two wheels.

To help slide the power gracefully to the ground are the 19-inch Volk GT-AVs wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1R tires.

The security is improved by Takata harnesses and a Nardi steering wheel.

Another pop eye problem is the paint job, again that 2 tone shade effect (black and neon blue) with some added vinyl graphics, that I’ve liked so fare.

Who thinks that this is only a girl car was clearly mistaken.

What do you think?
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  (2) posted on 11.29.2012

Mark.....You’re a ing idiot.

  (544) posted on 02.15.2010

the printed RX-8 really looks so aggressive and exciting to drive. Since this car is customized and tuned up it should be faster. That said, I wonder which one is faster, a tuned up RX-8 or a Nissan Skyline?

  (6023) posted on 11.19.2006

1. Learn to spell.

2. Tell us something we don’t already know.

3. For christ’s sake, don’t copy pictures from magizines and expect that to go over well...

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Ditch the plagiarism, learn English, and write something useful

  (6023) posted on 07.3.2006

This piece needs severely editing as the English is absolutely appalling!

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