Mazda’s multi-activity vehicle, the Mazda5, will hit showrooms in early 2008 in a facelifted version that is even more family friendly with enhanced comfort, convenience and safety, combined with lower driving costs.

Talk about family values! The Mazda5 is the only MAV in the C-segment with two sliding rear doors, each with an impressive door opening width of 700 mm, which allows you to enter the vehicle with a baby in your arms.

The Mazda5 facelift takes this convenience even further by introducing optional new power sliding rear doors that open and close in less than five seconds and stop automatically if obstructed. They are operated by a button from the driver’s seat, by the door handles or by the remote control key, which is especially convenient for families with small children.

2008 Mazda5
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Not only is the Mazda5 facelift more convenient to use, it is also more fun to drive. The MRZ 2.0-litre petrol engine has been completely revised and now has electric throttle and sequential valve timing (S-VT), which makes maximum torque available at a much lower engine speed than before for quick engine response in every gear. Two newly-introduced transmissions enhance the lively and agile character of this engine: a six-speed manual transmission as standard and an optional five-speed automatic – a first for the Mazda5 line-up. Yet despite its fun-to-drive nature, the new MZR 2.0-litre uses 4 percent less fuel than the outgoing 2.0-litre, which means lower operating costs on a daily basis.

Mazda5 facelift retains its predecessor’s uniquely communicative interior with Karakuri seat and storage flexibility, and adds new navigation and audio systems for even more fun and convenience. It has a new DVD navigation system with a new 7-inch multifunctional touch screen now integrated into the centre panel, which makes it easier to read and use. And the system allows you to use Mazda5’s rear-view camera for stress-free parking. Also new is an auxiliary (AUX) jack and recessed niche at the front of the floor console – for hooking up and listening to an MP3 player using Mazda5’s audio system – and a new in-dash, 6-CD changer for hours of non-stop music. And if you need to stay in touch while driving, a new Bluetooth mobile phone system with steering wheel control is now available as well.

2008 Mazda5
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To enjoy these new features to the fullest, Mazda5 facelift’s interior is now quieter and more comfortable. It has a new multi-resonator located around the fresh air intake duct that lowers engine noise, strengthened wheel rims and Thinsulate® insulation sheeting newly added to the roof liner to reduce road noise. Together these updates make listening to music or talking with the kids much more enjoyable.

New front dampers and a refined suspension provide enhanced riding comfort and maximum stability when cornering at high speeds, while a newly optimised brake booster is introduced for precise feedback and optimal brake response.

Mazda5 facelift will make its European debut at the Bologna Motor Show, starting 5th December 2007.

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  (1) posted on 01.18.2014

albe_winston, agreed with the mazda 5 not having a rear view camera option, that should be mandatory nowadays on new vehicles.

However you can get one custom installed now, even a Mazda 5 aftermarket DVD/GPS and rear view camera, just google it, there’s even instructions on youtube on how to install it.


  (1211) posted on 09.27.2010

it is kind of unfortunate that it isn’t getting the power doors or rear view camera (which is becoming more and more common, and handy on so many vehicles with such a high rear window.

  (344) posted on 08.5.2010

I think even the Speed3’s hardware would be great, especially since price point is important in this segment. Since the 5 stickers for just $70 more than the 3 (both in Sport trim), the Speed5 could be made real for about the same money. Sure you wont win any races with
fwd, but turbo power and a 6spd manual would be great for hauling around in.

  (1023) posted on 03.10.2010

@ CollinGronholmn - huh? dude do you know anything about cars? why would you compare a Mazda 5 to avanza? do you really know what avanza is? Avanza was made by Daihatsu and it was called D1, Toyota got it’s badge due to 50% share on the company and to help them sell well on the market. Avanza’s looks and performance are way far behind Mazda 5.

  (708) posted on 01.21.2010

Personally, it looks like the Toyota Anvaza. If they take out the logo on the grills without saying the brand, you’ll think that it’s toyota avanza

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