Mazda presented today at the Tokyo Motor Show the Kiyora - a concept car powered by the next-generation “Mazda SKY-G 1.3L” gasoline engine mated to a next-generation “Mazda SKY-Drive” transmission.

2009 Mazda Kiyora
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The car is also equipped with Mazda’s proprietary “i-stop” advanced idling stop system which eliminates wasted fuel consumption when the vehicle is momentarily stationary. As a result the concept has an incredible fuel consumption of 32km/L.

The Kiyora is larger than the Demio and features a a signature five-point grille with 3-dimensional elements over the entire body, 18-inch alloy wheels and extremely short overhangs.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The Mazda Kiyora concept suggests one direction Mazda is pursuing in car development, and demonstrates a 30% improvement in fuel economy in line with our “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” plan. A feasible compact city commuter car of the near future, Kiyora achieves next generation environmental performance coupled with Mazda’s inimitable driving fun. Mazda Kiyora is powered by a next-generation “Mazda SKY-G 1.3L” gasoline engine mated to a next-generation “Mazda SKY-Drive” transmission. The vehicle is also equipped with Mazda’s proprietary i-stop idling stop system and regenerative braking system. Mazda Kiyora achieves ultra-high fuel economy of 32km/L in Japan’s 10-15 mode test cycle assessment, without drive assistance by an electric motor.

Next-generation standards of driving pleasure and eco-friendliness

Mazda Kiyora is a next-generation compact concept born from research into the future of the global environment and the lifestyles of young city dwellers. Mazda Motor Europe’s Advanced Product Strategy (APS) team conducted an in-depth analysis of the small city car segment in Europe. Results showed that young people wanted cars that are fun to drive, easy to park and use, cost little to run and produce low exhaust emissions.

“Mazda Kiyora” is our response to these demands from global markets, using next generation technologies based on Mazda’s “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” plan.

Mazda Kiyora’s powertrain mates a newly developed “Mazda SKY-G 1.3” direct injection gasoline engine with “Mazda SKY-Drive” — a newly developed, compact and lightweight six-speed AT with manual mode. The results are exceptional environmental performance as well as a powerful and refined drive with excellent response even from low speeds. The car is also equipped with Mazda’s proprietary “i-stop” advanced idling stop system which eliminates wasted fuel consumption when the vehicle is momentarily stationary.

2009 Mazda Kiyora
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To efficiently harness energy regenerated during deceleration, we installed a regenerative braking system that converts kinetic energy to electricity as the vehicle decelerates and uses it to recharge the battery. The system greatly reduces the load on the engine required to drive the alternator to generate electricity, and this translates into commensurately lower fuel consumption. The exhaust gas purification system employs a newly developed catalyst — produced using single-nanotechnology, which controls particles even smaller than those of conventional nanotechnology — resulting in the highest ranking emissions purification performance in the class.

In addition, thorough weight reduction gives a weight 100kg below that of Mazda Demio. This, together with a superbly crafted aerodynamic body, helps to enable Mazda Kiyora’s ultra-low fuel consumption of 32km/L (Japan’s 10-15 mode test cycle) without drive assistance by an electric motor.

2009 Mazda Kiyora
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With regard to weight reduction, CAE was employed to design an ideal body structure which includes lightweight materials such as aluminum and a special resin foam, currently under development at Mazda. These are found not only in interior parts such as the instrument panel, but are also used for the hood, tailgate and sections of the chassis. Their effective usage contributes to an improved yaw moment of inertia and reduced unsprung weight, leading to superb handling.

Exterior — Fusing form and function

With an overall length 10cm shorter than the Mazda Demio, Mazda Kiyora represents a further evolution of the company’s design DNA, combining a signature five-point grille with 3-dimensional elements over the entire body. Its silhouette features character lines that are sleek and smooth, moving upwards and rearwards to fuse into the rear spoiler. Combined with 18-inch alloy wheels and extremely short overhangs, the result is a truly sporty look in a small package. The transparent roof is equipped with solar panels which provide electricity for the car’s interior systems.

2009 Mazda Kiyora
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The compact body and low overall height keep the area of the front cross-section to a minimum. In addition, detailed aerodynamic studies of the body surface shape, use of devices to control underfloor airflow and a rear roof spoiler combine to create exceptional aerodynamics.

Interior design — All-round weight reduction and integrated development

2009 Mazda Kiyora
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The interior design is not only an expression of beauty and functionality, it also achieves minimized weight while moulding shapes to produce a rigid structure for the cabin. To achieve this, the designers thoroughly analysed the body structure and conducted comprehensive weight-saving development before considering high-cost replacement materials. As well as drastically reducing weight, this also results in high rigidity and excellent impact resistance. Integrating the rear seats with the body frame structure was born from this approach.

Color and materials

The exterior is blue-green with transparent plastic doors chosen to express the purity of water. Inside are forms that give the impression of flowing sea grass — for example, the wavy side member of the body shell. The overall color scheme gives the impression of looking into water when viewed through the doors from outside the car.

2009 Mazda Kiyora
- image 328866

The interior seen through the skeletal body shell reflects the water theme with wavy, flowing forms. The instrument panel and door trim have a soft coating and use light metal to enhance this impression.

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  (517) posted on 07.5.2012

@adam_valentine Thanks for the info. It looks weird, but anyway, I’m curious with its interior.

  (570) posted on 07.4.2012

It’s certified to be futuristic in style, but in turns out to be like an alien car.

  (526) posted on 04.24.2012

This one looks easy to drive! It has a mix of futuristic and chic style, but its color makes it look cheap.

  (467) posted on 02.9.2012

I love the car color its unique! It looks easy and fun to drive. It’s also eco-friendly because the roof is made of solar panel that provides electricity on the car’s interior.

  (577) posted on 09.8.2011

Looks like a hybrid car, and I must agree with them that the aggressiveness and the uniqueness of this car is really impressive. I also want to see the interior of it.

  (579) posted on 07.11.2011

So, the rumored is true, Mazda cars are impressive. I’m not really a fan of the Mazda cars, but I must be one of them now. The car had the angst and the aggressiveness that everyone would love to have in a car. 

  (939) posted on 03.4.2010

Amazing car, it looks like an insect isn’t that kiyora is a type of plant that can live also in water?

  (765) posted on 01.7.2010

The name "Kiyora" means "clean and pure" in Japanese and is another in Mazda’s long-term design vision, the company said in a statement. It is positioned as a "city car cutting cleanly through an urban landscape."

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