The Japanese automaker Mazda has commenced production on their compact hatchback the Mazda2 at their AutoAlliance factory in Thailand. Although the diminutive city car may not seem so impressive, you have to remember that it did win a few car of the year awards in its previous form and that the new car comes with an all new enticing feature, an even wider grin. The new Mazda2’s smiley face is not only more inviting than the generation that came before but it also gives the 2010 model year small city car a fun face that adds to the Japanese automaker’s Zoom-Zoom spirit of car building.

Just like the new MX-5, the Mazda2 has undergone a design refreshening and features a new front bumper that incorporates a set of larger larger vertical air intakes as well as the new happy face five point lower grill that is going into all of Mazda’s fun to drive vehicles. A new Mazda2 also gives hope that a new open air roadster inspired version could be in the works, especially after consumers have adjusted to the new car’s playful front end. As for now, these images are pretty much all we have to go on, but we promise to get back to you with more details as they become available.

UPDATE 08/05/2010: Check out our review of the 2010 Mazda2 by clicking here!

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Mazda Motor Corporation today announced that it has commenced production of the Mazda2 (known as Mazda Demio in Japan) at the new passenger car plant at AutoAlliance Thailand Co., Ltd. (AAT), a joint venture manufacturing facility with Ford Motor Company. Mazda2 units produced at AAT will be sold mainly in the ASEAN markets.

2010 Mazda2
- image 326434

To celebrate the start of production, AAT today held a ceremony at the new passenger car plant in Rayong’s Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate. The ceremony was attended by executive officers from Mazda’s head office in Japan, including Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer Masazumi Wakayama and Managing Executive Officer Yuji Nakamine.

The Thai-produced Mazda2 will be one of Mazda’s core products in the ASEAN region, with ASEAN sales targeted at approximately 20,000 units per year.

“The Thai-produced Mazda2 will be a key element in Mazda’s future growth in the ASEAN region, which is continuing to see growing demand for small cars. We consider that the Mazda2 model will also play a pivotal role in Mazda’s global strategy,” said Mazda’s Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Masazumi Wakayama, before the ceremony.

2010 Mazda2
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“Since its launch, the Mazda2 has received more than 50 awards globally, including Car of the Year in over 20 countries. In 2008, Mazda2 was named World Car of the Year, acclaimed for its beautiful design, sporty driving performance, and outstanding eco-friendly features,” added Wakayama. “I firmly believe that the Mazda2 being built at our state-of-the-art facility in Thailand will make an immense contribution toward establishing the Mazda brand in ASEAN markets and will be our main driving force in the region as we go forward.”

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  (368) posted on 10.14.2011

This car is very common nowadays. It is simple yet have its uniqueness. The style of this car I think is best for family having 1 to 2 child. It is more convenient for use and not so bulky.

  (714) posted on 08.26.2011

The good thing about the Mazda car was all its vehicle is quite successful. I’m really impressed with the awesome performance of the vehicle. With the widely effect of fuel crisis, its practical to use a vehicle that offer a better economy. And the best solution for this is a smaller version of car like compact.

  (528) posted on 08.26.2011

I have seen this vehicle driving around on the street. And I would say that I’m really impressed with the figure performance of the car as well as its styling.

  (428) posted on 08.11.2011

This is what I like about Mazda. Even if it is an economy car, it can still deliver a powerful output, and even if it is a hatchback, it still looks sporty. By the way, I notice that the car looks like a Ford Fiesta. I think that would be its toughest competitor.

  (444) posted on 08.1.2011

yeah, well the great thing about this Mazda car was it has an impressive speed performance. Its very helpful in the environment to use this kind of vehicle.

  (762) posted on 08.1.2011

Well, I have to say that this one of the best green car that I have seen. The speed performance and styling of the car is kind of impressive!

  (313) posted on 03.25.2011

The good thing about Mazda is that they are very much consistent with their production. Their cars are always clean and sporty looking. So, I agree with you amauri_grecco, its definitely the car of the year.

  (727) posted on 03.16.2011

i have seen this car actually running in the road! And it look so awesome,
everything about this car is stunning, no doubt why this car is called the "car of the year".

  (449) posted on 01.31.2011

The non folding flat backseats are a bit of a disappointment. That bi-level effect is the same thing I found in the Versa and one of the deal breakers that kept me from getting it.

  (613) posted on 01.31.2011

Actually, the Canadian launch of the Mazda 2 was made a month ago at the Montreal Auto Show, and the concepts were there too.

  (24) posted on 01.5.2011

that pic looks so fake

  (939) posted on 12.6.2010

last Saturday when i went towards mazda showroom towards possess my speed3 checked, mazda motors possess granted me a likelihood towards momentum the mazda two and the mazda three, i ought say the the mazda two handles well and it has a sooner reaction than the Jazz. one thing that i don’t want approximately hte mazda two it it’s glove compartment, it has a pocket onto the cover that earns it weird and ugly. but the rear door is very interesting there is none handle, towards open it you just need towards shove the button. relatively impressive isn’t it?

  (570) posted on 01.25.2010

It still looks a little mouthy to me. The problem is not just the size of the lower intake but the fact that it is upside down. If they flip it the other way, the car will look more aggressive and sporty without that cheesy grin.

  (780) posted on 12.21.2009

It is a great city car and it deserves all the awards that it has achieved. If it will have a sporty version, it will definitely be a big icon for the youngster. That is what I look for in small cars and coupes. Something like that of Suzuki Swift perhaps.

  (182) posted on 10.10.2009

The new bumper is really nice. They didn’t make a wrong move on that. Pretty brave for them to had the courage to alter really sensitive details such as this. Great job for Mazda! I can’t wait.

  (177) posted on 10.10.2009

We would appreciate some interior photos. I don’t really get it whenever motor companies give out photo releases forgetting that they have to include interior photos.

  (183) posted on 10.10.2009

It took them a while to start the production. I have been waiting for this to come. Now it would only be less than a year of waiting for the Mazda 2 to be out on the market. I’m going to get my garage ready.

  (180) posted on 10.10.2009

Mazda 2 looks like Japanese Toyota Yaris. I’d rather refer to this car as simple rather than plain. I don’t think it would have collected various awards if it was that plain.

  (182) posted on 10.10.2009

I can’t believe this car was able to beat the Mercedes C-Class. Anyway, I really heard these car gives anyone the "sporty car feel." And yeah, Topspeed is right on this. The car has nothing impressive to feature.

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