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The McLaren 620R is one of those performance cars that look great on paper. It packs 610 horsepower and is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. But despite the numbers and its status as the road-spec version of the 570S GT4, there’s something about the 620R that makes you wonder if there’s untapped potential that can be unleashed with a few tweaks here and there.

Novitec probably had similar questions, but unlike all of us, the tuner could actually do something about it. And it did, thanks to a new program that unleashes more power from the supercar’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine.

What kind of upgrades should we expect for the McLaren 620R?

2021 McLaren 620R by Novitec Exterior
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A pair of new naked carbon hood scoops, carbon fiber rocker panels, side covers for the rear bumper and carbon fiber covers for the two side mirrors make up the exterior upgrades on the 620R. It’s not a lot compared to what we’ve seen from other tuners that have worked on McLaren supercars in the past, but Novitec is known for favoring substance over style. These new bits not only improve the 620R’s aerodynamics, but they also help shed some weight off of the mighty Mac. That’s going to play a huge role when you combine all the other upgrades that Novitec has for the 620R.

2021 McLaren 620R by Novitec Exterior
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For what it’s worth, there are interior upgrades, too. Novitec isn’t offering anything specific, but the tuner does have plenty of options on the table, including all sorts of leather and Alcantara-based requests. Go nuts there.

At the heart of this upgrade, though, is Novitec’s goal of unlocking the performance potential of the 620R. The tuner addressed these objectives by following a tried-and-tested recipe that centers around its famed N-Tronic plug-and-play software kit. The processor-controlled device is connected to the V-8 engine where dormant amounts of horsepower can be unleashed, raising the output of the engine altogether. In typical Novitec fashion, the tuner is offering three different states of tune that produce different amounts of power. The Stage 1 program relies solely on the software kit, producing 673 horsepower and 504 pound-feet of torque. That’s an increase of 63 horsepower and 53 pound-feet of torque over the 610-horsepower and 457-pound-feet-of-torque output of the 620R’s V-8 engine.

2021 McLaren 620R by Novitec Exterior
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If that’s not enough to satisfy your thirst for more power, Novitec’s N-Tronic Stage 2 kit raises the bar to an impressive 711 horsepower and 524 pound-feet of torque. It’s best to remember, too, that if you’re getting this program, the raised output isn’t just the handiwork of the N-Tronic kit. Novitec also utilized a high-performance exhaust system that’s developed in-house using INCONEL, a lightweight material that’s typically used in Formula One race cars.

With the increased output in place, Novitec also set its sights on improving the way the 620R drives on the road and the race track. You’d think that a supercar that already comes with a race-honed GT4 suspension setup would be suitable enough for the tuner, right? Wrong. New sport springs have been added, which works in concert with a new set of 20-inch (in the front) and 21-inch (at the back) forged wheels that the tuner developed in close partnership with noted wheel maker Vossen.

Is there a marked improvement in the McLaren 620R’s performance?

2021 McLaren 620R by Novitec Exterior
- image 948791

It depends on what you’re looking for. Despite the raised output and improved aerodynamics, the Novitec-tuned 620R will still accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. That’s the same mark as the standard model. As strange as it sounds, Novitec’s program isn’t so much about making the 620R faster at the jump; it’s about rounding the supercar’s overall performance capabilities that go beyond what an acceleration time says.

2021 McLaren 620R by Novitec Interior
- image 948787

Then again, if you’re looking for performance improvements, Novitec addressed that, too. The acceleration time might still be the same, but with the aftermarket tune in place, the 620R’s top speed rises to 204 mph. That’s four mph faster than the 200-mph top speed of the standard model.

What’s the cost of scoring this tuning program from Novitec?

2021 McLaren 620R by Novitec Exterior
- image 948789

Novitec rarely reveals pricing information for its tuning programs, and this one’s no different. The best and most straightforward way of knowing the costs is to contact the tuner directly. That said, we know that the 620R starts at $300,000. If you have the means to buy a 620R, there’s a very good chance that the cost of Novitec’s tuning kit for the McLaren will barely make a dent on your gold-plated piggy banks.

Final Thoughts

2021 McLaren 620R by Novitec Exterior
- image 948792

You can’t go wrong with Novitec. The tuner has years upon years of success in the aftermarket world, and there’s no reason to think that this program will be different. Of course, a lot of the tuner’s past kits cater to a specific clientele, specifically those who prefer all-around improvement that those who focus only on one aspect of a vehicle. A Novitec-tuned McLaren 620R isn’t going to suddenly set world speed records, but you are promised upgrades across the board that improve the overall experience of owning and driving a McLaren 620R. You can still slay on the road with your 620R; you’re just going to have more fun doing it with Novitec’s program in tow.

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