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2022 McLaren Artura

2022 McLaren Artura

McLaren’s first hybrid outside the Ultimate Series will replace the 570S

Update 2/17/2021: The McLaren Artura PHEV has been revealed, and it features a number of first for the brand. We’re busy updating this review, but you can check out the full story in our recent article or enjoy the gallery we’ve posted below!

McLaren is set to launch a new hybrid sports car in 2020. Shown here in a batch of spy shots, this vehicle will be the first electrified model that won’t be part of the ultimate series. So far, McLaren has launched two hybrid supercars: the P1, built between 2013 and 2015, and the Speedtail, produced in 2019. This new hybrid sports car could be part of either the Super Series or the Sports Series.

Since the prototype is based on the 720S, it’s easy to assume that the production model will replace the current Super Series. On the other hand, the 720S is only marginally bigger than the 570S, which is part of the Sports Series. McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt also said that the company’s first hybrid sports car will be the replacement for the Sports Series lineup, so this is a scenario we need to consider as well. To keep things a bit simpler, I’m going to go with Flewitt’s statement and treat this hybrid prototype as a replacement for the 570S.

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