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2017 McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo Concept

2017 McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo Concept

This is what McLaren cars could look like in 2030

In all the years that the Vision Gran Turismo concepts have been around, McLaren has been one of the few automakers that have yet to unveil a concept for the Gran Turismo video game franchise. It was only a matter of time before it did, and that time has finally come. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo, and it is positively spectacular.

It is a bit ironic, though, that the most extreme McLaren I’ve ever seen isn’t actually a real thing. This coming from an automaker that’s known for releasing some mind-bending machinery over the years. That’s just the catch of all these Vision Gran Turismo concepts. They are created exclusively for the Gran Turismo game franchise and without any real-world rules and regulations to hinder them, these automakers go to great lengths to make their concepts as unforgettable as possible. That’s evidently the case here with McLaren’s Ultimate VGT concept. It’s prepared to be a showcase of the kind of cars the company envisions it’s going to produce by 2030. Not that I’m getting excited, but the LMP1-style treatment to the concept does make me wonder if this is the kind of future we can expect. Seeing as it’s already capable of zany creations like the MSO-designed X1 Concept, I wouldn’t put it past these guys to turn this concept into reality 13 years from now. For now, all we can do is enjoy it once Gran Turismo Sport hits shelves in October.

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