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2016 McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD Concept

2016 McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD Concept

JVCKENWOOD and McLaren Automotive have teamed up to bring us the wildest McLaren 675LT we’ve seen to date. The car is known as the McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD Concept and has debuted today at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada. The 675LT, if you remember correctly, is the most driver-oriented McLaren ever. It has seen such a high demand that all 500 units to be built were sold out within a matter of months.

What JVCKENWOOD and McLaren have done now, is take a prototype 675LT and incorporated JVCKENWOOD’s CAROPTRONICS system with it, while greatly modifying the interior of the car. Sure, there were some minor changes to the exterior, but nothing like the inside – it is certainly something out of this world. I must say that as I look at the technology inside this concept, I think we’ll eventually move away from having glass windshields and end up staring into high definition touchscreens.

Anyway, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at this concept and why it is interesting enough to debut at the 2016 Consumers Electronics Show.

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