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Bruno Senna To Mentor McLaren P1 GTR Owners

Bruno Senna To Mentor McLaren P1 GTR Owners

If you are into pushing cars to the limit, then you would probably love Bruno Senna’s career. He is a previous Formula 1 driver and is currently McLarens factory driver. Now, he’s a member of the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Program that will be underway soon. The program follows a strict calendar of events where drivers start off with race-seat fitting and performance testing before taking a seat in McLaren’s racing simulator. Once the initial consultation is done, drivers will take a shot at running a 2016 McLaren P1 GTR around various tracks like the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, and Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.

It goes without saying that a man like Senna doesn’t need help driving a McLaren P1 GTR, so that isn’t why he is a part of the program. He joined the program as a mentor to help other drivers prepare to hit the track in the beast of a supercar. His role is to help drivers learn to safely take advantage of the increased performance that the GTR has. In coordination with the Bespoke training schedule, Senna will help each driver hone his skills so that he can push himself and the P1 GTR to the limit. It is only a matter of time before the program kicks off, as the first customer version of the GTR is now on its way to McLaren Special Operations, where it will be optimized and made race ready.

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