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Video: 2.3-Seconds and Four New Tires for F1's Jenson Button

Video: 2.3-Seconds and Four New Tires for F1’s Jenson Button

If you’ve ever been to a tire shop for four brand-spankin’-new tires, you can typically expect to sit around for at least an hour. If you show up on a Saturday, you had better just drop off your car and come back in three or four hours. That is, of course, unless you are F1 driver Jenson Button.

At the German Grand Prix on Sunday, Button was in 3rd place and pulled into the pits for a new set of tires, which you can typically expect to lose at least one position when doing. Button, on the other hand, pulled in and didn’t even lose a single position. It’s not because the car trailing him was so far behind, but rather because his pit crew was ridiculously fast. They lifted the car, removed four tires and rims, and installed four new tires and rims in 2.31 seconds.

That’s not only insanely fast, but it is also a new world record. One YouTube user managed to get a shot of the record-breaking pit stop and posted it for all of us to see. Literally, if you blink, you’ll miss almost everything.

Check out the above video to see just how fast this crew gets this job done. The lightning-fast work of Button’s crew also enabled him to overtake the No. 2 slot, as Sebastian Vettel pitted shortly after Button.

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McLaren crashes MP4-12C at the Ring while attempting record lap

McLaren crashes MP4-12C at the Ring while attempting record lap

You can’t say that the people over at McLaren aren’t busting their chops in trying to achieve a record-breaking run, can you? Whether or not the Woking, England-based automaker was attempting to do a hot lap with the MP4-12C at the Nurburgiring to determine the car’s full capacity, one thing we do know is that at some point, every automaker that has had aspirations of holding the fastest lap time at the ’Ring and McLaren is no exception.

So when word came out that McLaren ended up crashing an MP4-12C at the Nurburgring as part of their ’final testing’, a lot of curious eyebrows were raised, particularly on whether this testing included an attempt in breaking the fastest lap time at the world-famous race track.

According to witnesses, the crash caused a large impact that brought about significant damage to the guard rail, as well as causing a massive amount of fuel spillage on the stretch of the race track where the accident happened. As a result of the crash, the public session that was supposed to follow the private session ended up getting delayed because of what was deemed a ’roadworks zone’ on that part of the track.

McLaren, of course, has neither confirmed or denied this report, opting to contain the situation by keeping mum on the matter. With all the witnesses and reports coming around, though, it looks as if a final prototype of the MP4-12C was indeed involved in some kind of accident. Whether it was during an attempt at the ’Ring record is another matter, but it’s still probably best for these chaps to drive their cars with proper caution next time.

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